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23rd September 2017:The Hindu SHN
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Nirbhaya Scheme Masala Bonds PSLV to be launched in nov-dec

Arpita Sharma
2+ years of teaching experience in UPSC Category.

Unacademy user
Hello mam Mam ek week ne npr current affairs revise ho nhi pate hai even abhi bhi mere june ke kuch reh gye hain n kal se july kaise honge bhut hectic ho jayega cn u tell me any alternative of current affairs revision any tips which u follow to revise it
Ritika Saini
2 years ago
i read current affairs via vision booklet, i simply divide the topics in the no. of days. ye try kijiye, agr na ho to btaiye, hm kuch or try krenge
Aanchal verma
2 years ago
vision booklet but muje lgta hai abhi tym hai to npr se revise krna jada useful rahega
Aanchal verma
2 years ago
well thnks me bhi try krti hu ye
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
well done :)
Abhi Singh
2 years ago
thanks ji
heads of 3 ruling dynasty of south india
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
correct :)
  1. THE HINDU SHOR HANDY NOTES Arpita Sharma- Unacademy Educat

  2. Sangam poems mention the term "Muvendar".lt was used for - A)Land alloted to temples by kings B)Administrative arrangements made to felicitate scholats of tamil C)Heads of 3 ruling dynasties of South India D)Classical commentary on Vedas.

  3. Table of Contents GS1 related(social issues)--It is for the States to crack down on cow vigilantes GS2 related(Governance)-Nirbhaya scheme in disarray:apex court (International Relations)-Strident pakistan presses for UN envoy on kashmir India plans to train Afghan police officers GS3 related(science and tech)-Next PSLV launch in Nov-Ded RBI removes masala bonds from corporate bond limit(Mains paper 3-economy- mobilization of resources) Hasina floats 5 point peace plan:GS2

  4. It is for the states to crack down on cow vigilantes-GS1(social issues) Key points:- 1. It is the state governments prime responsibility to crack down 2. Chief Secretaries of 22 states to file their compliance reports on cow vigilante groups. on steps taken and also appoint a nodal police officer in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police to prevent cow vigilantes or 'Gau Rakshaks' as they call themselves from taking the law or becoming a law unto themselves

  5. Who are Cow Vigilantes? 1. Vigilantes is a form of the word "vigilant" which means keeping a watchful or close eye on events and people 2. If you are a Vigilante , you might take the law into your own hands by trying to catch or punish someone in your own way.

  6. Nirbhaya scheme in disarray:SC (GS2- Governance) CONTEXT 1. A 10 YEAR OLD RAPE SURVIVOR FROM CHANDIGARH WHO RECENTLY GAVE BIRTH,HAS NOT RECEIVED RS9 LAKH DUE TO HER FROM THE CENTRAL VICTOM COMPENSATION FUND UNDER THE NIRBHAYA SCHEME. Keypoints 1. Money is provided as a depoait to tackle the psychological well-being,medical treatment and education of the victim.

  7. 21t was a part of the total Rs.10lakh the Supreme Court had awarded her while denying her an abortion.So far,her family has received only Rs1 lakh. 3.The disbursal of compensation to sexual assault victims under the Nirbhaya Scheme started in 2013 following the brutal gang rape and death of a 23 year old student in Delhi. 4.The centre has disbursed Rs200 crore ea h to the States to compensate sexaul assault victims under the Nirbhaya Fund.Yet the disbursal to the victim is delayed. 5. Few states have spent the money on CCTV cameras and ither Paraphernalia rather than using it to pay compensation to the human victims of sexual assault and abuse.

  8. ABOUT THE NIRBHAYA FUND Nirbhaya Fund is an Indian rupee 10 billion corpus announced by the Govt of India in its 2013 Union Budget. This fund is expected to support initiatives by the govt and NGOs working towards protecting the dignity and ensuring safety of women in India

  9. Strident Pakistan presses for UN envoy on Kashmir:GS2(IR) Keypoints- 1. Pakistan blames India and Afghanistan for the volatile situation of security in the 2. Pakistan denies that it harbours terrorists who target both the countries and also 3. Islamabad has diverted international military and development aid towards 4. Pakistani PM sought the appointment of a special UN envoy on Kashmir,and 5. The Pakistani PM told the UNGA that"...if India does venture across the LOC or acts region. denies any role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban. creating "a dangerous Infrastructure of terror on its own territory". accused India of human rights violations in J&K. upon its doctrine of "limited" war against Pakistan,it will evoke a strong and matching response, he said.

  10. India plans to train Afghan police officers Context- 1. MoU supported by UNDP could be signed next week to train Afghan Police. Objective- 1. Ultimately enhancing the security partnership between India and Afghanistan by providing top grades security and defense capabilities to the Afghan Govt.