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25th September 2017:The Hindu SHN
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Swiss Challenge India-Japan Bathukamma Festival

Arpita Sharma
2+ years of teaching experience in UPSC Category.

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  1. THE HINDU SHOR HANDY NOTES Arpita Sharma- Unacademy Educat

  2. unacademy Introduction Myself Arpita Sharma Jesus and Mary Graduate(commerce) UPSC Aspirant Avid reader,learner Love to sing and teach 1994 Rate Review Recommend

  3. sana cndu iuo ca Cyclones La value o Coiouls force Choos e Correct answer: 2 and 3

  4. PRIVATE OLAYERS MAY RUN RAIL LINES:PAGE I MAINS PAPER 3:ECONOMYIINFRASTRUCTURE PRELIMS:SWISS CHALLENGE I. The Union Govt. is open to the idea of giving operations of railway lines to private players for enhancing competition Railways Minister Piyush Goyal also said that he is also willinh to spend unlimited funds on safety. Govt was engaging with other countries to"rapidly scale up" the bullet train project. Also retuning the policies to attract private companies for modernising railway stations. 2. 3. 4.

  5. 5.Railways have decided to do away with the "Swiss challenge" model of awarding railway stations to private players and taken a slew of measures to lease out atleast 100 stations. . The steps include: increasing the lease tenure from45 years to 99 years. allowing Private players to sub-lease stations for increasing their investment value mortgaging assets to allow banks to give low cost funds. The railway ministry has so far invited bids for 23 stations thay had seen luke warm response from the private sector

  6. A BATHUKAMMA FROM THE FOREST:PAGE 5 It was a floral display from the deep woods. At the Bathukamma festival held in Bejjur,the highlights this year was a floral cone made with wild blossoms. . The flowers that made up the cone included the flame.lily Adavi Naabhi,the familiar Paarijaatham ,The colourful hill turmeric Adavi Pasupu,Teak,the cotton genus Adavi Benda,the chaste tree Vavili,the medicinal Lavangala gaddi.

  7. 2 oral fectiual has 6eguni in Telangan Quid Colous ful hoe cessions lius e cass ie - out in Telaigaina o Bathubania means "Mothes Goddess came 14tus, Telar.ynna o The fesival is also dedicatedato Gooldluss pasvati as it is belieuad that .odklose Saf hetust ned as Goddess Paa vati

  8. BABABUDANGIRI ISSUE:PANELTO MEET IN BENGALURU TODAY:PAGE 5 I. The supreme court in its order on september 3,2015 had sirected the government to devide the title claims over the shrine 2. As the government did not settle the dispute earlier this year Shalh Khadri moved to the supreme court which asked the govt to settle the issue in 6 weeks. 3. The committee constituted by Karnataka govt to hear all parties on the dispute over the Bababudangiri cave shrine in Chikkamagaluru is holding a meeting in Bengaluru on Monday.

  9. Baba Budanain Shmine Sau 27 both 64 Muslim and Hndus has d bean contro nes sial due 9 to ea etic 2

  10. TECH BOOST FOR SOIL QUALITY SCHEME:PAGE7 Context: Government takes a move to bring in technological boost to analyze the soil quality of farms across the country. Keypoints: 1. The Department of Science and Technology is looking to link the programme with a research project at the Indian Instirute of Technology Bombay that uses sophisticated imahing technologies and can picture the nutrient balance of a patch of land without necessarily collecting soil sample

  11. AFGHAN OVERTURE:PAGE8(EDITORIAL) I. India's decision to expand security assistance to Kabul has a nuanced geopolitical 2. India's plans to expand its security assistance to Afghanistan by training police officers in India as 3. By training police officers and 100s of army cadets and officers,India is taking an important role 4. The Second Message , to Pakistan and other countries in the region that deals with Taliban ,is message. a part of a UNDP project. in capacity building for Afghan security. that India will not be deterred from assisting Afghanistan for its security. This is clear counter to Pakistan PM Abbasi's recent statement that India has zero political and military role'in Afghanistan

  12. SITUATIONALANALYSIS I. Increased fiscal spending is unlikely to provide more than short term relief to this problem,as it will not address any of the production bottlenecks in the economy 2. Any relaxing of the fiscal target will affect India's standing among global investors.

  13. JAPAN KEEN ON FRIENDSHIP WITH NORTHEAST:PAGE I I PRELIMS:BAY OF BENGAL INITIATIVE FOR MULTI SECTORALTECHNICAL AND ECONOMIC COOPERATION(BIMSTEC) . Days after the visit of PM Shinzo Abe,Japan has begun its outreavh to the northeastern region. . At the 4th Northeast Connectivity Summit in Kohima Japan said Tokyo would invest in the regions infrastructure,education and people to people sectors. Northeastern region is located at a strategically and economically important juncture between India and South-East Asia as well as within the Bimstec(Bay of Bengal )community Therefore Japan has placed a particular importance on the cooperation in the northeastern region.

  14. CONTD.. . Road Network I. For the northeast Japan had undertaken works on road connectivity,energy projects,water supply and sanitation,forest resources management,japanese language education and post war reconciliation. 2. Tokyo was committed to undertaking 2 major road and infrastructure building projects in Mizoram and Meghalaya.

  15. CONTD.. Myanmar's Interest: . The summit also imdicated Myanmar's interest in the potential of the region. 2. Myanmar's Minister of Cultural Affairs urged people from Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland,Mizoram and Manipur to forge closer ties with Myanmar as the country shared long borders with all 4 states.