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25th August 2017:The Hindu short handy notes
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25th August 2017: The Hindu Daily short handy notes

Arpita Sharma
2+ years of teaching experience in UPSC Category.

Unacademy user
Garima Mishra
8 months ago
Thanku so much..
Irrawady dolphin - IMP ho sakti he prelims ke liye. que be like irawaddy dolphin india me kaha paayi jati he?
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
yes sir , correct !
Arpita Sharma
2 years ago
thank you Prakash :) i hope my videos are helping you guys :)
  1. THE HINDU :SHORT HANDY NOTES By Arpita Sharma lls

  2. About Myself ol am Arpita Sharma Graduate from Jesus and Mary College,DU L Appeared for CSE prelims 2017 Preparing again Love to Teach and share my knowledge Here to make a good impact on many lives

  3. ._.HAPPY GANESH CHATOKH- THE HINDU25-AUGUST 20 Pivooy 'ts a Fundamental Right Se Declasies 7 Not an absolute sighl- - ntinsic tope and Cibes-consfitetionally Mo A iut usbich Should be at alonesof quases indhus dhual auutonom nuasion wusy be muatd on lagalbity mead ond uoper tionality tedted vight in Artide 2 a nocttusal iohGovt. con Buk citgen can also intau dl e Chalange ured or ton in nlae a shrong regime for data hso tection 7 Gout. nuust A a-judge Constituton ench o the unsame Coust, in a unarumsus wadict declasrud righets Tais matunal iaeist eguality in all wdiuidua s Gbety and an inhssant haur oh itha fundemen o Centre had asqua d AGAINST tha recnition ol uuvacy as a fundamental statutes sc said-Statutory (aug-_ also can be unnade/nnade __ by ntle hasliamento art onur they Fundamental Rights ane Rights-cittgens ma egoy despite the ouennnons Sc vipped olb its oon Judement Sec 317 pcminalises consensual Caccorsdant JTEwhich poses a ave dongesnttcal) to unhindareck Aufi tmant ol ono's gxval omentation at an er eut obo hs vacy and dignit LGBT nor a gdstainable boms to deny the to nauvo Tha immedioste etect o thu budgemant Sch me tnar Colects ksonal data, romet ics for accessing social Geno tssue tons would be feut on the goweanmants Aadhoo

  4. macies, Sanctity of family tree, there are branches, : life, the home, sexual orient- and from these branch ation. It protects heterogen there are sub-branches andJ ity and recognises the pl leaves. Every one of these ality and diversity of our leaves are rights, all tracing : culture. His views were en- back to the tree of justice. dorsed by Chief Justice of In- They together form part of dia J.S. Khehar, Justices R.K. that 'great brooding spirit. Agrawal and S. Abdul Nazeer Denial of one of them is the in the same judgment Constitutional firewall only constitutional firewa denial of the whole, for: these rights, in manner of speaking, fertilise and nur of "Fundamental rights are the ture each other," said Justice Kaul to prevent state's interfer- e ence with those core Global significance freedoms constituting The nine-judge Bench's judg ment gains international sig a The right to privacy is cer nificance as privacy enjoys a i tainly one of the core robust legal framework in liberty of a human being. freedoms, which is to be de ternationally, though India fended. It is part of liberty has remained circumspect within the meaning of that The judgment, if it declares expression in Article 21" privacy as a fundamental Justice J. Chelameswar held right, would finally reconcile in his concurring judgment. Indian laws with the spirit of the "first and natural home for a right of privacy is in Article 21 at the very heart of personal liberty and life itself" Justice S.A. Bobde said Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 and Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), 1966, which legally protects persons against th Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul said _privacy, dignity and "arbitrary interference personal liberty were parts with one's privacy, famil of the same "tree of justice". home, correspondenc Thus, from the one great honour and reputation.

  5. On Aadhaar On Section 377 of IPC On WhatsApp A five-judge Constitution Bench, which referred the matter to the .The judgment may have a bearing on the pending challenge to a 2016 contract The judgment gives a new lease of life to the prolonged fight to nine-judge Bench, would decide whether the scheme is a reasonable restriction on the fundamental right to privacy entered into between WhatsApp and Facebook in 2016 to share user information including messages, pictures and videos, among others decriminalise Section 377 of the IPC, a colonial-era provision criialising consensual sexual acts of LGBT adults in private The Supreme Court would test whether the purpose of collecting the personal data is a "legitimate state interest" beneficial for the public The challenge was made by two students Karmanya Singh Sareen and Shreya Sethi who questioned the policy as a violation of users' right to In 2016, the court had agreed to set up a five-judge Bench to hear a batch of curative petitions challenging Section 377 as a threat to the right to privacy and dignity, resulting in gross miscarriage of justice . The apex court's judgment on Thursday would also have an effect on a pending petition filed by parliamentarian Jairam Ramesh, challenging the passage of the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 on March 11, 2016, as a Money Bill With the judgment holding that "informational privacy is a facet of the right to privacy", the government may soon bring in a "carefully structured" data protection regime The judgment gives renewed vigour for the petitioners to approach the Chief Justice for early setting up of the five judge Bench to hear the curative petitions against the Section Right to Privacy is an integral part of Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed in Article 21 of the The judgment also may open the Aadhaar-Permanent (Indian] Constitution. The right to privacy is intrinsic to the entire fundamental rights chapter of the Constitution THE SUPREME COURT'S NINE-JUDGE BENCH Account Number linkage issue

  6. SC rips apart 2014 ruling on Section 377 Justice Chandrachud was tarian view... One's sexual writing for himself, Chief orientation is undoubtedly Justice Khehar. Justices R.K. an attribute of privacy." Agrawal and S. Abdul Naz- Justice Kal added. eer on the Bench Justice Chahdrachud ob- The test of popular ac served that the SC, without ceptance does not furnish a any constitutional basis, had valid basis to disregard set aside the Delhi HC judg rights which are conferred men of te Chief Justice with the sanctity of const A.P. Shah. The High Court tional protection. Discrete had in 2010 found that Sec- and insular minorities face ion 377 as a statutory pro- grave dangers of discrimina vision targeting homosexu- tion for the simple reason als as a class and amounted that their views, beliefs or to a hostile discrimination way of life does not accord on the grounds of sexual ori with the 'mainstream. Yet entation violative of the fun- in a democratic Constitution damental rights. founded on the rule of la their rights are as sacred as Offensive to dignity those conferred on other "Sexual orientation is an es- citizens to protect their sential attribute of privacy. freedoms and liberties," Discrimination against arn Chandrachud individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply Justice observed Justice Sanjay Kishan offensive to the dignity and Kaul, in his separate judg self-worth of the individual, ment, seconded Justice Justice Chandrachud wrote. Chandrachud, while ob The apex court notes serving that the majorit how the two-judges in 2014 arian concept" does not ap- had repelled the idea of Sec- ply to constitutional rights. tion 377 robbing the LGBT "Courts are often called community of their so- upon to take what may be called" fundamental rights categorised as a non-maoivacy and dignity. M ND-ND

  7. Newly soppointed Railuny Boand ChourmanAsvnilohani huiomised to : undustake lande scale audit o rail systems 7 end corauption & viP cultuste ? communicate onganisational goals to groond lo 7 Field uists 3 Non-executiud chairman o, lntosys-> Nandan Nllakani (aer > 62-gean old electrical enginoch 7uwos ceo at Intosys from 2002-200 7 co-found a L Infosys 7senued as Co-chairman y vesigned as co-chairman in 20to had ot's aadhaas erad hogsa -sighted (Leon) ,n Rambha sector hili amm In awaddy Dolphins vost lakes watensuninduid movt o do e temouing pon enclasuses from. . dolphins in 3 decadesroe sighi > Expected _ their habitats wil aer in coming chilikanatsal abode of highy endangsed Ihauaddy dolphin (o ngaua ngurad Tnawa dy dolphin Concasua baeviosms)--total rorulation buss 5. Nepalese Prime Minister-Shen Bahadu Deliba soieR-India need ror had an app ahensions Cpeanfiul esepectationundeno circumstances oould lepat auow it Soil to oe osed against mdia 6. Pausident Donald Trump ouir togue authonity to Defence Depasdnert_ lsadurs l expelling transgendm he le f mmittaa gexcual assi madical tre8tmant eguing

  8. DELHI /1: India building.a70ad - betu eon Mons inik and-Horspring Thu asua is Rot fa9t from the Pangong lake In ladakh o Tes os an unasmed clash b Indian & Chinuse troohseaslien this month says this is not conducive to haace stabilik o They said china Pakistan au au e eathog! Strategic hasmess and valu c Pakistons vole in the Atghanistan. Iue!! 8 Govenmant Think Tank NITI Aaog __ in its first 3yeah action a 2011-18 to 2019-20 talks avocu Reforms n tha Judiciosuy 7 Reforms in soial Sector ave good naosheck that we wiu vetun to the 8 growth troje ctory in another 2-3 yrs 0 9. B.ngk-yellow 200 note __staated humring in market by RBI Base Co lousbight yeulow