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20th June 2017 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
sir in my opinion the new states should not be carved out on the basis of ethnicity. if our govt. would accept each single demand (may not be legal), this would likely resulting in creation many problems. as of question now, if a group want's that they should be given a separate place to live on the bases of the religion they are following... would result in 'n' number of groups of people following different type of religions (as we all very well know 100+ religions are followed in India and we've 1600+ languages as our mother tongue) would demand different places for themselves which practically is not possible (99 %). on the other hand this could result in discrimination of various fundamental right that our Indian Constitution provides us and secularism could also be hurt. in this type of case our govt. should take decisions carefully keeping in mind about many problems that probably may occur and about the people who suffer. They probably can ask peoples living on the particular area to follow their rituals and then can also stop imposing the weights of less useful decisions that could case these type of problems in future.