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What is the Formula of 1+cos2x and 1-cos2x

What is the formula of 1 + cos2x and 1 - cos2x? Find the answer to this question and access a vast question bank that is customized for students.


1 + cos.2x = 2cos2x

1 – cos2x = 2sin²x

The cos2x formula is essentially used to resolve the integration problems. It will be used as

cos2x = (cos2x + 1)/2.

If you want to solve the integral of (1 – cos2x) and (1 + cos2x). Both mathematical terms will be calculated with the help of trigonometric identities. 

  • We have cos2x= 1- 2 sin² x. It is a very famous identity to find out any angle x
  • Apart from this, another famous identity for cos2x = 2 cos2 x-1. It contains the derivations of identities
  • The identity of the cos(2x)= 1- 2 sin²  (x)
  • You can prove it with 1- cos(2x) = (1- (1-2sin² (x)). Like this, it implies that 1-cos(2x) =2 sin² (x)
  • After this, it implies 1-cos(2x)= 2sin² (x)
  • In the end, by using all the above-given steps you can easily identify it

Lastly, the formula for 1 + cos2x  is 1 + cos2x = 2cos2x. You can prove it very easily with the help of various derivatives and integrals. The formula of 1 – cos2x is 1 – cos2x = 2sin²x. Through this, you can identify trigonometric identities. All these are the terms that help you to find an accurate answer to your question.

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