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Agneepath Scheme(Agnipath) – Everything You Need To Know!

27 July, 2022

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Agneepath Scheme

The Agneepath Bharti Program is an army recruiting programme for Indian citizens. This Scheme is intended to recruit personnel for Army, Navy and Airforce. This Plan will be introduced by the Indian government shortly.

The term “tour of duty” has recently received a lot of attention in the Indian armed services. To give it a boost, the Indian Government has now launched the Agneepath Recruitment Program. This will allow anyone who desire to join the Indian armed services to do so through this new entrance point & opportunity. Whether it’s the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, or the Indian Air Force. The Agneepath Military Bharti Program is indeed a national government programme open to all Indian citizens. Those who are chosen for this recruiting procedure will be referred to as “Agniveers.”

Key Information about Agneepath Scheme for UPSC/Govt. Exam Preparation

Conducting Body Indian Army
Scheme Name Agneepath Scheme
Vacancies 46,000
Service Area Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force
Service Time Span 4 years
Candidates Shortlisted Are Called Agniveers
Age Limit 17.5 – 21 years
Official Website,, and

Purpose of the Agneepath Scheme

The primary goal of the national government is to implement this Indian Army Agneepath Entrance Program in order to train young people and reduce retirement & pension costs. The Indian government devised this strategy to enhance our security forces. Selected recruits would be professionally trained before being sent in regions such as the Jammu & Kashmir borders. 

The most important aspect of this recruiting is there would be no admission test for the youngsters. Candidates enlisting under the plan, on the other hand, need to go through a lengthier training period, effectively with at least 2 years for just a 3 tenure, in order to be ready to join armed services as professionals.

Figure 1: Showing updated service period and extended entry age for Agneepath Scheme

Agneepath Scheme - Broad Objectives

The Agneepath Scheme is an ambitious program of the Indian Government.

There are some broader objectives for which the government is working, that are:

  1. The Youthful Profile of the Indian Armed Forces should be enhanced, so that they can be their best during all the fighting with an increased risk-taking ability of every individual.
  2. This opportunity provides the country’s youth who are keen to serve in the Indian Armed Forces for a shorter period.
  3. The program attracts young talent of the country to adopt, exploit, and use the modern technologies with the new and advanced thresholds the intake while they are leveraging the Technical Institutions of the country.
  4. This program also helps in developing different qualities and abilities amongst the recruits, such as dynamism, motivation, discipline, and work skills.
  5. The program able looks forward to imbibing the Armed forces ethos, courage, commitment, camaraderie, and the skill of teamwork in the youth.

What is an Agniveer?

In the Ageepath Scheme, the youth of the country who are between the age of 17 and half years to 21 years which criteria was later extended up to the age limit of 23 years. The youth who get recruited under this scheme are designated as “AGNIVEERS”.

Agneepath Scheme - Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 17 ¹/² and 21.
  • A recognised board must certify them.
  • A minimum of 50percentage points in 10+2 is required.

Agneepath Scheme – Medical Standards

There are certain medical eligibility conditions for the enrolment of the candidate in the Indian Armed Forces based on their respective categories. Any Agniveer with a low medical category will be eligible for their continuation in the forces as an Agniveer.

Agneepath Scheme – Selection Process

The Selection Process of the Agniveer is purely based on their performances in the Physical test, Their Medical test, and the Training Program.

Agneepath Scheme – Training

After the enrolment of the candidate, they will be imparted with their military training which will be based on their organizational requirements.

Agneepath Scheme – Assessment

The Indian Armed Forces will be endeavouring to the maintenance of the centralized high-quality database of the Agniveers And they will be following the methodology of the transparent common assessment. The skills of the Agniveers will be recorded systematically, they will be given broad guidelines before their appointment in the batches.

Agneepath Scheme – Uniform

They will be wearing a distinctive insignia during their period of engagement as Agniveer.

Agneepath Scheme – Honours and Awards

The Agniveers will be entitled to the different awards based on the guidelines and the governance in their respective organizations. Other specifics about the eligibility requirements have yet to be posted on the Indian Army’s official website, since the plan is nearing completion as well as the formal notice will be issued soon.

Agneepath Scheme - Educational Qualifications


Educational Qualifications

General Duty

Matric with 45% marks in aggregate


Intermediate exam, non- Matric passed in the subject Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English.

Clerk/Storekeeper Technical

Intermediate exam passed (Any stream: Arts, Commerce, Science)with 50% marks in aggregate and 40% in each subject minimum.

Nursing Assistant

Intermediate exam passed in Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English) with min 50% marks in aggregate and 40% in each subject minimum

Soldier Tradesman

Specified duties


General duties


What will an Agniveer do after 4 years?

Every year, a huge number of applicants enrol for Indian Army recruitment & desire to be a member of the famous Indian armed forces, however for various reasons, there are still applicants who are unable to make it through. As a result, this entry represents a perfect chance for them to attain their aim, as it provides another entrance that makes a spot for them.

Even after you have completed three years of service, there is indeed a chance that you will be retained if your performance is acceptable enough just to retain your on after the tour of duty is completed. Additionally, soldiers who are discharged will be supported in finding civilian occupations after finishing their three-year tenure. According to reports, the government is also in talks with corporations regarding future career options for the ‘Agniveers’ when their tenure is over.

Figure 2 and 3: Images showing the scenario post 4 years of service in Agneepath Scheme (Hindi and English)

Agneepath Scheme - Benefits and Advantages

  • Agnives would have a variety of career options following enlisting in the army.
  • The Indian Army would have the opportunity to retain some of them, and they’ll be able to serve as permanent soldiers for the country.
  • Soldiers who are released after three years of service would be capable of competing in the civilian world with the help of the Indian Army.
  • Many corporate industries & large multinational corporations have expressed interest in hiring “Agniveers.”
  • The Scheme May Also Be Beneficial For Agniveers’ Personal Development. They will be exposed to the disciplined lifestyle of the armed forces.
  • They would be able to begin a fit & healthy lifestyle thanks to the specialized training which the employees will receive.
  • Would Benefit the Government Save a great deal of money & utilize it on defence force modernisation.

Agneepath Scheme - Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Change in the process of recruitment in the military Absence of pilot scheme for plan evaluation
Special opportunities for youngsters to serve the nation Weaken combat spirit, Military culture and professionalism
Financial stability for Agniveers 7-8 years of preparation time
Agniveers get chances of proving their careers learn form good universities After 4 years, Agniveers will be seeking second jobs all the time
Risk and Hardship allowances along with a customised package for them May lead to rise in unemployment
Active participation in armed forces. A one-time seva nidhi at the end of their service that will include financial and credential benefits

Facts about Agneepath Scheme

  • Those who have failed to secure a place in the intelligence agencies will be allowed to join the Army.
  • Mostly during the 4-year contract service period with government will the corporate world be able to hire them into the Army.
  • Permanent recruitment of capable youths into the Army is a legitimate possibility that may be investigated.
  • Young individuals from IITs as well as other professional fields will soon be able to join the Military, Air Wing, or Navy.

Agneepath Scheme Vacancy 2022

There are a certain number of sits reserved in this scheme for every year, for the year 2022 the vacancies are 46,000.

Agneepath Scheme – Salary

The remuneration package for the first year is Rs 4.76 lakh, increasing to ₹ 6.92 lakhs in the fourth year. Following its distribution, the Seva Nidhi bundle would cost around ₹ 11.71 lakhs, plus interest (tax free) Also there is a non-contributory insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh.

Year Customised Package (Monthly)In Hand (70%)Contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%)Contribution to corpus fund by GoI
1st YearRs. 30000Rs. 21000Rs. 9000Rs. 9000
2nd YearRs. 33000Rs. 23100Rs. 9900Rs. 9900
3rd YearRs. 36500Rs. 25580Rs. 10950Rs. 10950
4th YearRs. 40000Rs. 28000Rs. 12000Rs. 12000
Total contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years – Rs 5.02 Lakh
After the exit of 4 year contract – Rs 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package (Plus interest and exempt from income tax)

How to Apply for Agniveers Agneepath Scheme 2022?

Anyone who is qualified to application for the job should fill out the form; below is the whole procedure.

  1. To register for Agniveers Agnipath Program, first go to Ministry of Defence’s official website, www.
  2. After entering the official notification, you will be sent to the site’s main page, where you must look for the Agnipath registration link. Which will be accessible via the What’s new section.
  3. When you discover the link, simply click on it to be directed to a new page where the application form would appear in front of you.
  4. When the registration form for recruiting becomes available, you should begin filling it out.
  5. Fill out all of the form’s filled data, and afterwards submit all of the scanned papers with online application.
  6. After uploading the papers with the form, you must pay the money and then preview the entire application form.
  7. After checking the request form, click the submit button to have your information saved.
  8. You can apply again for Agniveers Agnipath program application form by following the steps outlined above.

Agneepath Scheme 2022 - Important Documents

Aspirants must upload several crucial papers before completing the application form. No initial application would be approved by the authorities if the papers are not uploaded, therefore please follow the rules. The papers you must upload are listed below.

  1. Address Specifics
  2. Identification
  3. Aadhar card, Pan card, and voter identification card
  4. Passport and driving licence and Scanned signature
  5. Photograph scanned

Agneepath Scheme - Agniveer Application fee

There is no information yet regarding the Application fee

Agneepath Scheme - Interesting Facts

When will the Agneepath recruitment start?
The recruitment process of the Agneepath Scheme will start on the 24th of June and will end on the 5th of July 2022.

What are the terms of service under Agneepath?
After the completion of 4 years of service about 25 percent of the Agneeveers will be retined in the permanent cadre. This selection will be done based on pure merit, medical fitness as well as willingness. They will complete an entire serving period of 15 years; the other 75 percent will obviously be demoted to Seva Nidhi. About a package of 11-12 lakhs along with their rank certificates as bank loans will help them in their careers further.

Is there any change in the defence budget because of the Agneepath Scheme?
It is being said that the Agneepath scheme is visibly reduce the bills of the armed forces since there are no pension benefits for the recruits under this scheme.


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