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Unlock opportunities with Unacademy X GATE ACADEMY Combat

“In this blog you will find out how to write the GATE exam for free of cost and how to unlock all career opportunities after engineering.”

One fundamental question to you – Why are you doing Engineering, or why did you opt for it in the first place?

You might be laughing while thinking about the question.


We already have sailed the boat halfway, and the only way to go forward is to sail it through.”


The most common answers we have encountered after connecting with thousands of students and taking the same number of student’s surveys.

  • Ample opportunities after engineering
  • Chances of getting to multiple fields with just one degree
  • To become a good engineer and bettering lives of people
  • Good placements opportunities
  • Unlocking many post-graduate program options

Whatever reason it may be, the good part is that you have started your journey and are trying to make it successful.

What if I tell you that all your fundamental reasons to opt for engineering were correct and you are right there to achieve them just one exam away.

Yes, We are talking about the GATE – Graduate aptitude test in engineering.

1) Higher studies options after GATE

  • Master of Technology (M.Tech)
  • Masters of Science (MS)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D)
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

2) 30+ Public sector units taking from GATE exam

Know more about GATE exam pattern & syllabus

GATE is being conducted by IIT Kanpur this year.

To know more about GATE exam and application process, Visit – GATE 2023 Official Site (

The registration process is going on and the last day to register for GATE 2023 is 30th September.

If you are thinking that you are not well prepared for the exam and that is why you are shying away from taking the test then you need not to be worried there is a wonderful way to get your GATE registration fee refunded.

Yes, you heard it right!

Unacademy is conducting a FREE Scholarship Test Combat – GATE ACADEMY x UNACADEMY Combat on 25th Sep at 11 AM. 

By taking this test you can register in the GATE 2023 exam for free (Basis their ranks in Combat).

Not only this students can get the chance to get a refund of a 1-year college fee and a chance to get the scholarship of Unacademy GATE & ESE subscription from the 30Cr+ pool*.

To enroll, Please ask them to visit – 

CS & IT:




For all information, visit:

Please follow the below steps to attend the test:

– Click on the Combat links shared above

– Verifying Mobile Number with OTP

– Click on Enroll for Free

– If it Prompts to Enter a Referral Code, then Please Enter a valid Invite CODE (For Eg: UNACADEMY)

*T & C Apply

Let’s Crack it!

You should not wait to shape your future. Go and register for this free scholarship test today. GATE registration fees will be refunded after you submit the admit card to the Unacademy team and the details are verified by them.

This is a very good chance to unlock many opportunities by taking just one test for FREE.