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XI-4-6 Projectile motion
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What is a projectile motion and what are the different terms and their meaning in projectile motion are explained in this lesson

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HOW DID YOU IDENTIFY Dat x'1/3 is not diffrentiable
what is required kinematic equation for projectile motion..
  1. PHYSICS Pradeep Kshetrapal Class XI

  2. Chapter 4 Motion in a plain Projectile Motion Lesson No.Phy-XI-4-6

  3. Projectile: We are going to study First example of Two dimensional motion i.e. projectile Any object thrown in a certain direction other than vertical is known as projectile

  4. Trajectory A projectile motion will have displacement in two direction as well as velocity in two direction Trajectory: the path of the projectile is known as trajectory.

  5. Angle of projection: The angle made by the object with horizontal, when projected; is known as angle of projection. Trajectoryy Angle of Projection

  6. Trajectory Velocity of Projectioin 0 Angle of Projection Velocity of projection: The initial velocity given to the object is known as velocity of projection. At every point of trajectory it is falling down because of gravitational force acting on the object at each point

  7. Trajectory Velocity of Projectioin Angle of Projection Range Range: The horizontal distance between the starting point and ending point of trajectory i:s known as Range Range depend upon the initial velocity or initial momentum we give to the object.

  8. Trajectory Velocity of Projection Angle of Projection Range Time of flight: The time taken by the projectile to hit the ground is known as time of flight Travel from A to B

  9. Trajectory Velocity of Projection Angle of Projection Range To study projectile motion we need to understand the quantities given to us: (1) Initial velocity or velocity of projection. (ii) Angle of projection. (iii)Acceleration due to gravity which acts vertically downward

  10. Trajectory Velocity of Projection e Angle of Projection Range The quantities range and maximum height depends upon angle of projection. Since, g is constant so, initial velocity and angle of projection (0) commands all the

  11. Trajectory Velocity o Proje tioin y I Angle of Projection Range We have kinematic equation in one dimension so, to find out the relations between quantities in projectile motion we need to resolve those quantities into linear dimension. Such as initial velocity U Ux Uy Where ux is the velocity in x-direction and uy is the velocity in y-direction