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XI-4-09 Projectile on inclined plane.
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Projectile on incline plane is very popular application of two-dimensional motion. that is explained in this lecture

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Pradeep Kshetrapal
State topper in school exams, selected in IIT Kharagpur, M.Sc., 30 yrs in teaching.

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  1. PHYSICS for NEET and JEE Pradeep Kshetrapal Class XI Portion

  2. Chapter 4- Motion in a Plane Projectile on inclined plane Phy-XI-4-9

  3. Projectile on inclined plane usin Hmax Bucos gs n gcos

  4. is angle of inclination. is angle of projection with respect to horizontal. is angle of projection with respect to inclination. ut usin ucos gsin gcos

  5. It's a parabola with respect to horizontal plane. Resolve u and g along the line ucos and gSin and second normal to the inclined plane usin and gCos usin | Hmax ucos gsin

  6. Calculation of time (motion normal to incline): 1 max 2 usin ucos 1 2 g cos .T 2 1 gsin / usin 2 zu sin gcos

  7. Maximum height when vertical velocity with the incline is zero. max usin | Using v2-u2+ 2as. gcos u2 Sin 2 Rmax-2g cos

  8. Range along inclined plane. Along the plane its an accelerated motion usinu Due to g sin Hmax ucos gsin gcos s- utat2 2u sin g sin (2u sin )2 g cos gcos

  9. usin max gcos 112 sin 2 1 g sin .4u" (sin )2 gcos 2 g2(cos )2 112 sin 2 u2 Sin2 . sin . ln gcos gCos2