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Weathering Erosion and Deposition: Geography for UPSC CSE/IAS Preparation
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This chapter gives a brief description of the major geomorphic processes. How each is significant in bringing a change of the earth’s surface features.

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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awesome course mam....!!
sir can you please add slides containing pictographic explanation
Sir please explain How weathering is not a precondition for erosion
Sr please explain How weathering is not a precondition for erosion
best geo lessons on Unacedmy!!!!
sir please explain to me what are the factors controlling landform development?
Karan Tripathi
2 years ago
1. Precipitation 2. Temperature 3. Climate 4. Intensity of the erosive agent 5. Intensity of Resistance inherent in the rocks
  1. Course: Geomorphology Presented by Venkatesh Emani

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  3. Weathering # It refers to mechanical disintegration and chemical decomposition of rocks at their places (in situ) Elements of weather and climate act over the earth materials Nature and Magnitude varies from place to place It is controlled by complex geological, climatic, topographic and . vegetative factors Weathering processes prepare the way for formation of not only regolith and soils, but also erosion and mass movements.

  4. Erosion It is removal of soil, sediment, regolith and rock fragments from the landscape. - It is carried out by natural agents called agents of erosion Four aspects of erosion: Acquisition of loose material Wearing away of bedrock through impact of transit material - Mutual wear and tear of rock particles during transit Transportation Significance : Relief degrades i.e landscape is worn down

  5. Continuation Erosion is responsible for continuous changes that the earth's surface is undergoing. Weathering helps erosion, but it is not a precondition Weathering, mass-wasting and erosion are degradational processes. Weathering helps eosio, but it is not a pre condition

  6. Deposition Deposition is a consequence of erosion It is laying down of eroded material under favourable conditions It is done by agent of erosion after transporting it for some distance It is an aggradational process.( raise in the level of land because of # It is laying down of eroded material under favou sediment deposition)