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Depositional Landforms Formed by River: Geography for UPSC CSE/IAS Preparation
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This chapter talks about third order landforms. It explains how river creates landforms as it deposits the sediments.

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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sir make crash coarce on geography also .....or suggest someone like u
Sir conceptual clarity is good it will be more effective if you add pictures to it kindly do follow it please,,,,
How does diverting the flow of the river (from East to west or vice versa) affect the fertility of the land where it has been diverted from?
it's just awesome course sir!!!
Sir will you please teach us other concept of geography
Does dams affect the flow (3 stages) of the river?
  1. Course: Geomorphology Presented by Venkatesh Emani

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  3. Depositional landfornm Depositional landforms These are formed as river now enters into plateaus and mostly plains Stream velocity reduces and channel load increases Alluvial fans and cones: formed at the foot hill zone When streams flowing from higher levels break into foot slope plains of low gradient.

  4. Depositional landfornm Depositional landforms Flood plains are major landforms of river deposition. Formed due to extensive deposition of the sediments at the either side of a river channel during floods . Meander is not a landform but is only a type of channel pattern Curved or zig zag coarse of streams of a river channel in the plains

  5. Depositional landfornm Depositional landforms ox bow lakes formed due to shortening of the meander coarse of a river Natural levees: Low lying sandy ridges along a bank of a river . Formed due to deposition of sediments Protect the areas from floods

  6. Depositional landfornm Depositional landforms li alluvial fans but develop at a different location Deltas are like alluvial fans but develop at a different location Streams essentially now engage only in deposition. Found near the sea Formed when the streams deposit sediments inside the channel As energy is less, river cant penetrate through the deposition and # - acquire the shape of a triangle Agriculturally prosperous Different shapes