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Erosional Landforms - River: Geography for UPSC CSE/IAS Preparation
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In this chapter, Venkatesh explains about third order landforms. How river carries out erosion and in the process creates some landforms.

Venkatesh Emani
Loves teaching...Faculty of Geography and economy for competitive exams

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i had many problems in this chapter in GC Leong book but your lucid explanation made it very very easy...Thanks Venkatesh
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Sir please include more photos, photos make life easy.Otherwise great explanation. Thanks.
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  1. Course: Geomorphology Presented by Venkatesh Emani

  2. About me M. Sc geography from University of Madras # Threeyears ofexperience in teaching Geography and Economy for civil services Interests: Love teaching, watching cricket and some long drives . Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. Introduction to 3rd order Landforms These landforms are produced by erosion and deposition Each geomorphic agent produces its own assemblage of landforms Two sets erosional or destructional and depositional or constructional -of landforms are produced by them River, Wind, Glacier, sea wave and underground are the agents

  4. Erosional Landforms River In Humid regions as they receive heavy rainfall Runningwater is considered the most important of the geomorphic agents Erosional landforms made by running water are associated with vigorous and youthful rivers flowing over steep gradients Two types of erosion - Vertical (deepening of river channel) and lateral (Channel widening) Abrasion ( Sediments erodes the bed) and Attrition (Sediments in transit break into finer pieces) . and Attrition (Sediments in

  5. Erosional landforms Valleys are formed in the youthful stage of a river It is because of vertical erosion Depending upon dimensions and shape, many types of valleys like V shaped valley, gorge, canyon,etc. can be recognised. A gorge is a deep valley with very steep to straight sides where as a canyon is wider at its top than at its bottom # - River ganga forms deep gorges as they pass through shiwalikh hills

  6. Erosional landforms Water falls are steep falls or flow of water from a greater height Waterfalls are formed in several ways River Cauvery has many waterfalls because Karnataka plateau has steep edges Rapids are much smaller dimension Plunge pools are circular depressions found in the coarse of a river omed t the base f the pressure of Formed at the base of waterfall because of the pressure of the gushing water .

  7. Erosional landforms . River capture : When two streams flow near by each other, River capture : When two streams flow near by each other, active stream erodes the water divide between them