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Visual Methods Of Teaching- Textbook Method,Role Play,Demonstration etc. Lesson: 3 (in Hindi)
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  1. Part-03 Visual Methods Textbook method ,Demonstration method, Role Play & Dramatization method. By Himanshi Singh

  2. 15. Demonstration Method - If a learning task is risky or complex to learn, teacher demonstrates and explains each step and clears doubt of students, if any. In this method, the teacher demonstrates all the activities given in the lesson before his students and explains the difficult points in the middle through lectures. The advantage of this method is that pupils see everything happening before them in action form and they come to acquire real knowledge without experimentation.

  3. Few Extra Points... This method is useful to teach science subjects. This method involves mainly three aspects the visual, the listening and the understanding Lack of opportunity for practical ability. Learners only observe the demonstration. Instructor may follow their own pace while demonstration Not possible to teach all topic.

  4. 16. Textbook method In this method, the teacher reads out the book in the class loudly and explains the important points. Pupils are also given opportunity to read the book loudly and silently to develop their comprehension power. The purpose is to enable the students command over the textbook. Because Textbooks are written keeping in view the interest, abilities and needs of pupils, their study suits them very much. Textbooks develop the understanding ability of pupils, they can understand other subjects also without taking anybody's help.

  5. 17. Role play and Dramatization Method In this method, pupil is asked to play either the role of his teacher or the role of the character that has come in the story to dramatize the story When some students play the roles, other students observe them. They also point out the mistakes of students who play the roles. Through this method, activity of students increases on one hand and their observation power increases on the ofher. This method is especially used in teacher training institutions. This method is useful to develop social skills and imagination power of students

  6. Se yout own constant" -Himanshi Singh