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Previous Year Questions On Teaching Methods Lesson: 5 (in Hindi)
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Himanshi singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Himanshi singh
A learner by nature, a teacher by profession, a YouTuber by passion! You can join the learning revolution on YouTube channel “Lets LEARN”

Unacademy user
if you speak in urdu then other countries person understand very well
Very helpful # crisp series👏🏻
Q 9. (d) should not be too long it is a quality of lecture method. agr option ye hota ke should be too long then ye right hota, bcz question m "Kya quality Ni h lecture method ke" ye Pucha gya h. Am I wrong? please clear it Himanshi ji
Himanshi singh
a year ago
Yes, you’re right.
Prerna Saini
a year ago
😊 Thanks
mam plz tell the correct answer of question no. 9 ...plz rpl
Namita Tiwari
7 months ago
D ans h
Awadhesh Singh
7 months ago
A is the right answer!
9 th ques me mamm last option thik h because u also said lecture method must not be too long otherwise its become boring. so please check it.
  1. Questions on Teaching Methods By Himanshi Singh

  2. Q.1) Best method for developing reasoning power of students? A. Lecture method B. Demonstration method C. Brainstorming method D. All of the above

  3. Q.2) You are teaching in a class where most students are weak in arithmetic. However, four students appear to be gifted. What should be your teaching style? A. Take frequent tests so that the weak students are forced to study hard B. Keep the pace slow but provide extra guidance to the bright students C. Follow the standard pace of teaching for all students D. Ask the school administration to shift the bright students to a different section

  4. 3) Which activity does not involve active learning? A. Group discussion B. Lecture C. Student debate D. Learning by teaching

  5. Q.4) Which of the following is not an advantage of project based instruction? A. Increases student motivation by allowing choice B. Improves rote learning C. Connects school based instruction to real life D. All of the above

  6. Q.5) The best way to make students memorize multiplication tables would be: A. Give homework in which students have to write tables B. Teacher writes tables on board and asks students to copy C. Drill and practice D. Give students a deadline by which they should memorize tables

  7. Q.6) The best way to teach children about the process of filtration would be: A. To have a class discussion B. To give a lecture explaining the proceos C. To draw detailed diagram on the board D. To give a demonstration of the process

  8. Q.7) Group projects work helps in developing A. Individual sense of achievement B. Collaboration and problem solving skills C. Strong intra-group competition D. All of the above

  9. Q.8) Which is likely to be the least effective method of teaching scientific concepts? A. Laboratory experiments performed by students B. Science projects C. Giving lecture to a large classroom ng demonstration of scientific principles to a small group

  10. Q.9) Which is not a quality of a good lecture A. Explains multiple themes in a single lecture B. Builds on existing knowledge C. Uses illustrations and examples D. Should not be too long

  11. Se yout own constant" -Himanshi Singh