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Uses of Net Effect Rule Part - 2 (in Hindi)
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More problems of net effect rule are solved.

Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

Unacademy user
L, K, G, F, E, A, I and Z are eight friends who are sitting in a straight line but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing south while some are facing north. L sits fourth to left of A. A sits at one of the extreme ends of the line. Both the immediate neighbours of L face north. K sits second to left of Z. Z is not an immediate neighbor of L. Neither Z nor G sits at the extreme end of the line. G faces opposite direction to F. Both the immediate neighbors of G face north. E sits second to the left of I. Immediate neighbours of F face opposite directions (i.e. if one neighbour of F faces North then the other faces South and vice-versa). Immediate neighbours of K face opposite directions (i.e., if one neighbor of K faces North then the other faces South and vice-versa). People sitting at the extreme ends face the opposite directions (i.e., if one person faces North then the other faces South and vice-versa). F faces to south direction. E does not sit near to L.
a year ago
L ka direction set nhi hoga na E F I L K G Z A
Pranab pradhan
a year ago
Starting from left end: EFILKGZA E-south F-south I-north L-south K-north G-north Z-north A-north
nice one....
Pranab pradhan
a year ago
L ka direction set hoga, because it is given that neighbors of K face opposite direction to each other. As we know that G is facing North, which means that L will face south.
Lovely Jyoti
a year ago
EFILKGZA EFL South n remaining north
I am from Lovely Professional University , Ma'am thank you for your such and simple language tutorial ma'am mujhe pehle kuch bhi nhi ata tha par aap k videos dekhne k baad inko samjh na bahut hi easy hay aur may abhi aptitude kr pata hu
Harpreet Kaur
a year ago
That's very good.... keep it up and thanks for your appreciation... 😊
  1. LESSON 4 Uses of Net Effect rule Part-2

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