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Marks and Examination Questions (in Hindi)
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Pass percentage, total marks, examination related questions are solved.

Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

Unacademy user
Sir, Mr. Viral Aacharya has stepped down from the post of RBI'S Deputy Governor so kindly remove his name from the list of RBI'S deputy governors. Thank you. Sir, you are one of the best educators on unacademy platform in the banking category .
Kapil Kathpal
5 months ago
I have already discussed in one of the previous session that why I am still including dr acharya in my list....kindly go thru my previous sessions religiously...i hope u havnt listend them :)
  1. LESSON 7 Marks and examination questions

  2. in an examination, in which the ipass pexcenty* marlas and fails z marks, is x % , a land,date sec n se then the totod no . cd masla s 1v1this examination will be oc * 11 in an excvni nation X./o and b% (andidates respective fall n tso diffesent subjects while z% candiclst es fail both the subjects,then the % f candidates who pass In both the subjects n be

  3. 53 In an examination it is necessary for a candidate to jet 45% the maxi mum masks to pass. A candidate whe get ISo maxas, faisb 45 mas as. Find the maximum maylas Max. Maslas = 100 x (180 +4s) 5

  4. ead nenspaper x, 5 and lo% Ye ad b Th the papers, what -/. cd people vead neither newspapes? y 50 % e- People who do not read ang newspape loo-yo -20%

  5. Q'r In a hotel, 60% had vegetadan lunch while 35% had non Mon- vegetasan lanch and 15 % had both Sesen inc N.veg 30% Both 15% People having Innch = 6 +3 -JS = 75% Not havina lunch 259. to-O

  6. 175 play ciclhet and o neithes plas football or crlcaet How man stndlents plaz both footbal and sce Total sho play 1400) who pla) both )ames 3as + 175-400 500-400 1too

  7. . In an e amination 65% students passed iv, Civics and 40% passe I1 to students failed in Hister and Civies both, then %im Histon. d b oth these subje cts what S e total no. student/ deL,-students who passed-) 6s +6 -40 : 85% failed IS.. 90