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Basic Concept of Percentage and Income Based Questions (in Hindi)
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General understanding of percentage and how to solve it's problems is explained.

Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

Unacademy user
question regarding problem please question in improving write.
Harpreet Kaur
2 years ago
I'm not getting what you want to say, please rephrase..
  1. LESSON 1 Basic concept of percentage and income related questions

  2. excentaae na man Base valne &0% . A means Fir Express 45 Express -8 as pescentage as percentage-)

  3. In a schoo!, there are tto students, ont of whieh 500 are boys, ,hile ae m aiming are arls. Nhat % the studlents a*e glals Total is stndents bos as 2 Tota

  4. ne 3 ase ao

  5. #To c adalate % change between two vodnes % Change = C Diffesence behseen valnes) Base valne o Pess So B is what % more than A

  6. Q:-A sRo% less than C bnt B1slo% more than C a) A is what % less than 67 di 3 6 b) By hghat % cis more than A 5 82 41

  7. c) B is what % more than A? 75 is what % 137