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Uses of Net Effect Rule Part - 1 (in Hindi)
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Thumb rule to calculate the final percentage outcome of two different percentages is explained in detail with examples. This net effect rule is helpful in multiple discount case and change in income or price of items wherever more than multiple percentage change in succession is applicable.

Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

Unacademy user
If I am not wrong ma'am, would u you please make me clear that even though Facebook's and Twitter's polls and various other Estimations were in favour of hillary , Right ? Then how Trump Won ? Could it happen ? do we have any such example in our country ?
Can you plzz provide PDF . i will be very thankful to you mam.
Harpreet Kaur
3 months ago
Sorry can't share pdf file.... You can make notes of these lessons that will be more beneficial as they will be written by you in your own wording...
Can u please do a video on profit nd loss?
Harpreet Kaur
4 months ago
There's already a course on profit loss in my course list
In last sum, I used another method and got the different answer. I can not understand which method is correct yours or mine. please help.
Harpreet Kaur
a year ago
You can use any method and get same answer.. just for correction there is 10% increase and then 21% decrease... you can show me how you did it, and it'll help to spot the problem/mistake
John Himani
a year ago
will surely send you tomorrow.
Harpreet Kaur
a year ago
Mam I want to learn about probability
Harpreet Kaur
2 years ago
Thank you for your valuable comment, I'll try to make a course on probability in the coming months... :)
Mahendra singh
2 years ago
Okkk thnx ma'am
  1. LESSON 4 Uses of Net Effect rule Part-1

  2. Change @wanti+, 1 s ba x % and wantity& ;s et chanse change d en O o For incse +e sih

  3. c e ncSease visi tosis decreased b 5%. CaleuQcte the net effect on ve sljn means d'inal Ye venne h)10 ncease 904

  4. * JJ a numbe K l s first increased b x% and then Then the nal outcome will be ecseas edb e n eea 's decvea sed b 0%. Caleweate the perc entage change :n :ts asta 1% ) decrease

  5. net effects e no jain la becomes no Poss, then O o 100 +2 decreased Quanti ncreased Qwant

  6. Ce an nea Ses eaM en hese sno Pa M O OSS seli the artcle Flnd the valne f 0 y = 30 % I decrease

  7. aka M C &": Radiws avcle is increased bb 10%, cae..ate", change

  8. ": Psl ce an asticle ;s Jivst increased by 10% and then decreased by ao %. Find the fine-% price article o Change in the = 1-13.) /ol decrease