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Solution and Mixture Questions (in Hindi)
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When a quantity of solution is increased and new solution is made, method to calculate the added quantity or quatity of initial or final solution is described with examples.

Harpreet Kaur
Youtube channel Preparation Point

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please add more chapters mam...
  1. LESSON 5 Solution and Mixture questions

  2. should be added so that milla 01 become 6 % in new Mi/a ate atey added -2L-60 So Uit

  3. 0: How mwhpnre alcohol has to be added ;nHoomL Sal 15% ale. h.) So that it mas become 33% in containin he So 00 mL OC 15 85% 32 68%. 5 Alcohol Added = x-400 = 500-Hoo

  4. SA o much dmit can be obtained 33% pw

  5. Wate. Lite Pure alcohol is added nt t and uanb Xt lo Lit + A A 60 40% w 30% New ehquantitu ofMture o Lit

  6. 0: A pes son spends 75% hat % h's Savinas wlle get increase C&caSe Fspevclth>t avin95 a5 37 5 7.5 50%! increase an n