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Understand the ways to crack the network logic
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Were you ever perplexed as to how to form networks, under a certain set of condition given in the question, quickly. In this lesson, with the help of an example and covering a good range of possible questions, Chaitanya has explained the difficult concept in the simplest manner possible.

Chaitanya K
Graduated from IIM A

Unacademy user
ma'am i want to ask a question plz rep me for it... to crack net n jrf is it necessary to join ur plus course if we can't afford... without joining plus course possible ni h
Navdeep Kaur
10 months ago
its possible with self study, even i did self study, all the best
Hira najam
10 months ago
tsm ma'am... found my inspiration... 🤗i hope through ur videos n efforts i m able to crack dz December
the second question should be which store in g2 cannot be travelled from g1
from s7 to s1 there is two way connectivity ? how did you solve the 2nd question ? its not clear. how you said that forget that connection.
Goddamn Batman
2 years ago
That has been added by Sir, later, for our 'home-work' Connection b/w S7 & S1 is not in the original question
Sir, I did not understand Q.2. By the logic that we can go from S8 to S6 to stores in G1, why can't S7 be also ruled out, since we can go from S7 to S5 to stores in G1?
Sir, in my openion answer to ques. 2 shall be S3, since we it is aking for store in G1, and only S3 is store in G1 which cannot be travelled from any of the stores from gate G2
answer for 2nd question is S3
Rajat Mehta
2 years ago
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