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Find the right combinations in distribution problems
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Distribution based questions can be fun to solve and could give you quick points in the exam once you crack the logic. In this lesson, Chaitanya has shown how to systematically approach such type of question with the help of examples.

Chaitanya K
Graduated from IIM A

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Sir, aapne last me jo likha h if a1=a2... ye kis ka condition h sir.
can't understand why did you put BB n R for Vijender
What distribution should be used to calculate number of petrol pumps in Delhi?
In question 2 PLayer 1 can play G T B S Player 2 can play K BB R C . So answer should be Cant say?
Sir in question 2 won't the answer be option 4 i.e. cant say? because cricket nd golf are being played by player 1 so is tennis and badminton and for swimming we have just assumed that it is being played by player 2 but it was nowhere mentioned so it could have been the other way round as well then we cannot come to a definite answer rite?
sir which book should i use for solving LR ?

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  3. PV Sindhu and Vijendar play 4 games each among cricket, swimming, golf, basketball, khokho, running, tennis, badminton. Each of the 8 games is exactly played by 1 person. The games are played using the following conditions The person who plays basketball also participates in the running competition. Cricket and swimming were not played by the same person. The person who participates in running did not play golf. Games Cricket -(C Swimming -S Golf G Basketball BB KhoKho K Running R Tennis -T Badminton B 1) If PV Sindhu plays KhoKho and Tennis, then Vijendar did not play which game? Basketball Running Badminton . Golf Conditions BB+R CXS RXG Player PV Sindhu Viiendar Games K,T,G, C/S BB,R, S/C, B

  4. If golf and Khokho are not played by the same person then which 2 games where definitely played by the same person Cricket and Golf Swimming and Golf Tennis and Badminton Conditions BB R C X S R X G Games Cricket C Swimming -S Golf - G Basketball --BB KhoKho K Running - R Tennis T Badminton B New Condition G XK . Cant Say Player Player 1 Player 2 Games G,C,T, B K,R,BB,S