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Simple Ways To Solve Questions on Linear Arrangement
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Linear arrangement can be confusing to solve when laden with a multiple conditions. Chaitanya, through an example of high difficulty level tries to show the right approach to ace such question in the exams where time is a critical factor.

Chaitanya K
Graduated from IIM A

Unacademy user
very nicely
Dipesh Saini
2 years ago
Sir these questions are way too easy ..i dont think it can appear in CAT considering the increasing difficulty level of LR/DI year on year..Pls give difficult questions..
sir i can solve all these problem easily how more i have to prepare. sir i want to get into IIM A please tell me how hard i have to prepare to get into it i have only dream of IIM A
videos are so nice for the preparation
plz inrease the difficulty.....CAT will not be this easy level sir...n increase the number of questions..
For question 1 of the second set, there is a marking error. The question of linear arrangement of 7 friends writing CAT. Instead of U, Q is written in the ppt. It can confuse students. Please correct the ppt.

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  3. 5 colleagues A,B,C,D and E are sitting in a row. They are seated according to the following conditions A is next to B C is next to D D is not sitting next to E E is to the extreme left of the row C is 2nd from the right A is to the right of B and E A and C sit next to each other 1)Where does A sit Between B and D Between D and C Between E and D Between B and C 2)Who sits in the centre? 3)C is sitting betweern A and D A,B or B,A C,D or D,O DXE E, B,A, C, D 4)What is the position of Debojit? Extreme Right

  4. 7 friends P,Q,R,S,T,U,V take CAT exam. The ranks are based on following conditions Nobody gets the same marks V scores higher than P P scores higher than Q Each time either R tops the exam and T scores the least, or S tops the exam and U or Q scores the least 1) IF S is secures rank 6 and Q secures rank 5. What are possible ranks that Q can get Possible ways R,V,PU,Q,S,T R,U,V,P.Q,S,T R,V,U,P.Q.S,T

  5. V scores higher than P P scores higher than Q 2) If R tops the exam, V's rank should not be lower than 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ? Take the worst case scenerio V cannot get a rank lower than 4th 3) If R gets 2nd and Q is 5th. Which of the following is true? S is 3rd T is 6th P is 6th V is 4th S,R,V,P.Q,T,U