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Understand the approach to solve questions on Venn Diagrams
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Venn Diagram is an essential part of management exams like CAT, XAT, etc. Chaitanya has made a point to clarify the concept with the help of a moderate level example. In this lesson, the various types of question which can come on 3 circle Venn diagram are solved with explanation.

Chaitanya K
Graduated from IIM A

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Sanyam Kapila
2 years ago I have continued this course.
1500 students appeared in an examination, which consists of three papers: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 190 students passed in Physics only, 180 students passed in Chemistry only, whereas 240 students passed in Mathematics only. 366 students passed in both Physics and Mathematics, 346 students passed in both Mathematics and Chemistry, whereas 326 passed in both Physics and Chemistry. 206 students passed in all the three papers (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). in this total students passed in individual sub is not given hhow to approach???
Gourav aneja
3 years ago
in this total students passed in individual sub is not given hhow to approach???
Goddamn Batman
3 years ago
Number of students who passed in Physics = No. of students who passed in (Physics only) + (Physics & Chemistry Only) + (Physics & Maths Only); Those who passed in Physics only is given (190). Those who passed in (Physics & Chemistry only) = (Physics + Chemistry) - (Passed in All three) i.e. = 326 - 206 = 120; Similarly, those who Passed in Phy & Math only = 366 - 206 = 160; and so on.
nice video...........keep going on and make more videos on LR and DI

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  3. Company Vennacle has 240 employees, 100 employees are in SEO domain, 110 employees are in Insurance domain and 140 employees are in Product domain. It is also known as 30 work both Insurance and SEO,50 work on both SEO and Product whereas 50 work on Product and Insurance while 20 work SEO, Insurance and Product domain? SEO=100 40 30 10 20 60 50 30 Product-140 Insurance 110

  4. -Employees only in SEO = 40 SEO= 100 . Employees either in SEO or Insurance = 100+110- (20+1 0-180 40 . Employees not in Insurance-240-110 = 130 30 10 . Employees neither on SEO nor on Product = Employees 20 only in Insurance 50 only in Insurance = 50 60 50 30 Employees who do not Employees who do not work in any domain = 0 because the sum of all the employees comes to 240 Product= 140 Insurance= 110