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Tribes of Andaman
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The various tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been spoken here in this lesson. Also with their anchoring features

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He came there to convert them into Christian but the tribe converted him into lunch.
  1. Course : Burning Issues Decoded (BID) Lesson : Tribes of Andaman and Nicobar

  2. Currenf Confext . John Ellen Chau Killed by North Sentinel American missionary . He had gone there to spread the word of Good News

  3. North Andamarn The islands - Facts!! Middle Andaman Narcodam island - Extinct Volcand Barren Island - Dormant Volcano South Andaman Lakshadweep 9 Deg Channel Minicoy 8 Deg Channel Maldives Duncan Pass little Andaman 10 Deg Channel Nicobar

  4. Details of Sentinelese Do not allow others Came from Africa Language different from others . 15 people (12 men and 3 women) Food : - Fruits, Animal hunting, . From 1960 many people tried to establish contacts . 1981 M V Primrose attacked later rescued by helicopters . 2006 killed 2 sailors 2004 - Tsunamis time attacked the rescuers Helicopters

  5. Tribes in Andaman Negrito Race Great Andamanese .Onge . Jarawas . Sentinelese . Mongoloids Nicobarese . Shompen

  6. Great Andamanese Onge 1850s 5000 members Now 50 Many killed in conflict by Brits !! . Onge, who lived in two separate reserves in Little Andaman Tsunami killed many In 1970, all Great Andamanese were re-settled in Strait Island, a.Considered remarriage taboo, short distance from Port Blair bynubers 94, now t the Indian government hey remarry. . From a population of 672 in Totally dependent on the government for food, shelter and clothing. 1901, the tribe has been reduced to 94 24 men, 32 women, 23 boys and 15 girls. intermingled, and some of them intermarried with Burmese and Indian settlers. Many Great Andamanese languages had become extinct.

  7. Jarawa Sentinalese Completed Isolated, live in Sentinel Islands. Little known Use rafts, live in Oval Huts and excellent swimmers One of the world last Stone age tribes. Live in forests in Middle Andamans. . Number not known but estimated to be 50. Earlier they were 320 in Number, They fire arrow when they come in contact with people. . 1997- 8 Jarawas, Hungry Signalled for food, given Bananas Environmental groups urged people to leave 5 Km exclusion zones. Picked up Hindi and other languages

  8. Nicobarese Shompen In Car Nicobar Hunter gatherers who have only limited contact. @2011-298 . Thousands living, infact Mostl isolated and poorly understood. government launched a population control program. 30K affected in Tsunami. Horticulturalist and Pig Herders. Wave of colonizers tribes dying of disease and infections especially tourist circuits. This almost like European expansion in North America. . Joint families called Tuhet. Collective ownership of Land, Coconut, pigs