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Agriculture Export Policy - Back Ground
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In this lesson we speak about the background of why this export policy was neccistated.

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

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Thank You So Much Mam
Thank you sir. nice information and examples!
  1. Course :- Burning lssues Decoded (BID) Lesson :- Agri export Policy - Background Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Context Union Cabinet chaired by PM Modi approved Agri Export Policy .In consonance with the Doubling Farmers income as suggested by the Ashok Dalwai Committee Need to be read closely with the Kisan Mukti March.

  3. Case Study of MP . In recent election BJP had lost Madhya Pradesh to INC . Kamal Nath is to become the next Chief Minister of MP Reason cited was the concept of Agricultural failure. Mandsur Firing. But MP under Shivaraj Chouhan had seen phenomenal growth in Agriculture . In 2012, when national agricultural growth was 2%, MP recorderd 18%. . Increase in production 54% in Pulses, 43# in Grains, 10% in Cotton, 143% in Oils seeds.

  4. So what seems to be the problem . Agricultural Pricing Policy Hello!! I am Nithin Kunneparambil Agricultural Export Policy When bumper crop occasions, there is more supply than demand, this means less price When Drought occurs, farmers loose it all. Appeored Csf interview once and gave mains thrice 0.8 K Folowers on UnAcodemy ! By Nithin Kunneparambil Holistic Understanding of Farmer issues PM FBY is completely broken. You can study about this in my course in detail. 5 Lessons 7 ratings 0 reviews

  5. Export led growth in Agriculture . Huge potential. This market is very lucrative, yet we have just 2.2% of total global market We are big players in very few items . Basmati Rice . Other Rice variants Buffalo Meat - PINK REVOLUTION Marine Products like fish. . We need to go further

  6. DEFICIT MENTALITY OF INDIANS That seems to be fundamental problem of India.

  7. What is a deficit mentality? . We think, if we export more, our domestic market prices will increase Creating large scale problems for common men. . We do adhoc measure like minimum export price (MEP) This means global competitiveness is gone. Trust deficit in global supply chains. Other issues is about Phytosanitary condition. We do not adhere to any Good Agriculture practices Certification GAP Certification. Our food processing units are mixed result.

  8. Learning from the west !! . Right now the bodies which think about this is BOARDS Coffee Board, Tea Board, Rubber Boards etc Super Bureaucratic. . But western examples are interesting CALIFORNIA WALNUT GROUPS NEWYORK APPLE GROUPS . So they do all these innovation and mine out the scopes. We need that, . Precisely the reason why our SAMPADA SCHEME seems to failing.

  9. Course : - Burning lssues Decoded (BID) Lesson :- Agri export Policy - Provisions Presented by Nithin Kunneparambil

  10. General Modiji + Cabinet approves Agri Export Policy, 2018 First of its kind in independent India. Infact after a long while we are going to export after medieval times. . Commerce ministry as the central agency representation from various other ministries.

  11. Elements of the Agri Expo Policy Strategic Policy measures Infrastructure and logistics support Holistic approach to boost exports Greater involvement of State Governments in agri exports Focus on Clusters Promoting value-added exports Marketing and promotion of "Brand India"

  12. Some of the existing Schemes in Agri ministry . Paramparagat Krishi Vikas Yojana Organic farming e- NAM:- first step to electronic trading portals. . Krishi Vigyan Kendra - Agri Extension Centres e-RAKAM - Rashtriya Kisan Agri Mandi NMAET National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology - agri extension machineries to enable delivery of tech. E PashuDhan Haat National mission for bovine productivity connecting farmers of indigenous breeds. Quality Mark Award 0 Dairy cooperatives.

  13. What is issues at WTO3