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GSAT 11 Spot Beam Antennas explained
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In this lesson we understand the concept of Multi Beam, Spot Beam antenna and get introduced to the limitation of our GSLV Mk III launch vehicle.

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

Unacademy user
Practical but simply Superb approach to solve such case study feeling highly enriched. Thanks a lot sir. Sir plz suggest/make lessons on new trends of specific questions. Its Humble request. Good day sir.
Sir, we can have slight reflection of new trends (you coded Buddha's philosophy). Thank you sir.
Awdhesh Singh
3 years ago
I shall try to cover the full syllabus in my subsequent lectures
Thank you sir
Many many thanks sir... 10/10
Haha.. Am glad yu liked it.. Telll me topics that yu want to know.. I will nake Vdos
Ajay Indrakanti
a year ago
Three parent Baby, sir
Consider it done :)
Ajay Indrakanti
a year ago
😂😂 thanks sir
Thanks to you in tonnes, sir.! 🙌🙏
  1. Course :- Burning Issues Decoded (BID) Lesson :- ISRO GSAT 11 Presented By Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Radiation Pattern of an Antenna 90 120 60 0 (degrees) 3 dB beam width 150 30 180 30 20-10 0 gain (dBi) 210 330 240 300 270 9 dBi gain

  3. How do we give I N DIA Pol itical M a p AFGHANISTAN of this map are not verified or authenticated ord 00dd be wrong. The mop is for guidance only Inel. Boundary State Boundary _ Country Cop001 NEw Dou. QUJARAT Major Centre Cuttock CHINA . The idea of multiple PAKISTAN TIBET NEW DELHIMectut foot prints, so that NEP AarLCKNOW Dorjeeling 2 BHUTA communications happen in those region. ANGLA ENGAL&DE MYANMAR Sambolpur Digho mechanism for beam stearing BAY OF BENGAL CudapohNellore . Hence it is a beautiful concept Hence we can give last mile connectivity. SRI LANKA OCEAN

  4. Why launch it from French Guiana? . The idea of French Guiana is quite crucial because, our work horse, i.e. Our launch vehicle is GSLV Mk III two solid strap-ons, a core liquid booster and a cryogenic upper stage. This can 4000 Kgs to GTO and 18000 Kg to LEO But this satellite weighs much more. R INDIA . Hence, we had to launch it from theirs. So, should we built a rocket more powerful

  5. What next for ISRO? Put Indian in Space from India by Aug 15th 2022 Chandrayan 2 to come next year . Venus Mission to start. . Aditya-Sun Mission about to start. # Lagrange Points.