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Health Sector in India - Universal Health Care and AyushMan Bharat
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In this leason we encounter the idea of universal health care, comparison between existing scheme and Ayushman Bharat and salient features of Ayushman bharat

Nithin Kunneparambil
Gave CSE interview in 2016, First attempt

Unacademy user
Sir, Kindly let us know the bibliography of the content, which will help us to learn more and more :) thank you
Priyanshi, for Alexander you can check "The Conquests of Alexander the Great" by Waldemar Heckel. For the Mauryas, try "Ashoka" by Charles Allen or Romila Thapar's "Ashoka and the Decline of the Mauryas", and for China, "China: A History" by John Keay is great. Cheers!
Priyanshi Jajoo
3 years ago
Thank you so much :)
  1. Course :- Burning Issues Decoded (BID) Lesson:- Health Care in India (2/3) Presented By Nithin Kunneparambil

  2. Health Financing in India Household out of pocket ExpenditureGovernment sponsored health insurance Local Bodies and other schemes Private Health Insurance 4% 796 22% 67%

  3. Concept of Universal Health Care Extend of population covered

  4. Existing Scheme RSBY Vs AB NHPM Parameter Coverage Services covered Limited Premium Population 18 O Ayushman Bharat 5 Lakh Covers high end procedures RSBY 30,000 300 400 INR Mixed 50 Crores Covered

  5. Salient Features . AB NHPM - 5Lakhs per family per year . Benefits of the scheme portable acrss the country . Cashless benefits from Public and Private emapanelled hospitals. AB NHPM - ENTITLEMENT based with date drawn from SECC . Benefits from State and Private owned facilities. . Cooperative Federalism - as states has flexibility.

  6. . States would need to have state health Agency to implement scheme Ensure that funds reach SHA on time, transfer of funds from central government happens through Escrow account directly . A robust modular Scalable and interoperable IT platform will be made operation to make it paperless, cashless transaction. Policy direction thru AB NHPM Council chaired by Health Minster.

  7. Implementation strategy AB NHPM Agency to be put in place. And at state we will have State Health Agency They can either the scheme through . Trust/ Society . Insurance Company . Integrated model.

  8. Major Impact . Increased Benefit cover to 40 % of the total population Covering almost all secondary and teritairy hospitalization except a negative list family size ( Unlike the maternity benefit bill) medication, improved Productivity, Patient satisfaction, . Coverage of 5 Lakh for each family.. No restriction of . Hence in total, increased access to quality health and Job Creation.

  9. Expenditure involved .The expenditure incurred in premium payment will be shared between central and state government . This is dictated by Market determined premium paid in states and UT

  10. However many state aren't enthu . States like Kerala, Telangana, Punjab, Delhi and Odisha are speaking against it These state interesting have some politics behind this Much to the fact that these states interesting have better health care systems as well. Kerala alone claims almost 50% of the total claims as per RSBY.

  11. Course :- Burning Issues Decoded (BID) Lesson:- Health Care in India (3/3) Presented By Nithin Kunneparambil

  12. What happens now? Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) will check its import, export and sale . BIS will certify them, only then they will be sold Quality can be assured. That means market will open up and the price is likely to fall

  13. Drugs Technical Advisory Board . Highest statutory decision making body Constituted as per drugs and cosmetics Act, 1940 Part of the central drugs standards control Organization in the ministry of Health and Family welfare