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The Pallavas

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

The Pallavas were yet another power in the southern India to be reckoned with. They constantly bickered with the Badami Chalukyas for the supremacy over the southern Deccan. The Pallavas even managed to capture Vatapi, the imperial capital of the Chalukya and led to a split in the empire, giving birth to the eastern branch, the Vengi Chalukyas. Although this victory was short-lived, the see-saw war against the Chalukyas continued throughout the century and afterwards into the first century of the Medieval Period, until the existence of Badami Chalukyas. Pallavas were great builders of monuments, particularly temples, just like the Badami Chalukyas. The Mahabalipuram monuments, including the Shore Temple, are credited to them. Moreover, they had a deep cultural influence over the ‘Indianized states’ of the south-eastern Asia.

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