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Overview of Part-VII Post-Gupta Period
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Abhyudaya Kelkar
Completed B.Com from DAVV, Indore Cleared CS, CWA (CMA) and CA Final (Group I)

Unacademy user
Extremely thankful and kind favour to your efforts... What you are covering in all these lecture Series is very deep informative. Finally I would like to say ---- "NO WORDS TO APPRECIATE FOR YOUR PRICELESS GOLDEN EFFORTS "---- THANK YOU :)
what will be your next course, sir
Abhyudaya Kelkar
2 years ago
Medieval Period.
ok sir, i am grateful to u forever
Shravan Pati
2 years ago
waiting for your medieval course ...thank you....
We all UNACADEMY family wait for your MEDIEVAL Series...
  1. Course -1 Ancient India By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)

  2. Course -I Ancient India . Part -I: The Beginning . Part II: Indus Valley Civilization and Bronze Age . Part - III : Vedic Civilization and Iron Age . Part - IV: The Mauryan Period Part - V: The Post-Mauryan Period . Part - VI : The Gupta Period . Part - VII : The Post Gupta Period

  3. The Overview of Part-VII The Post-Gupta Period

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  5. Lesson 1 : The Chalukyas Lesson 2 : The Pallavas Lesson 3 : The North Before Harsha Lesson 4 : Harshavardhan Lesson 5: The North After Harsha Lesson 6: Post Gupta Economy, Art and Architecture Lesson 7: Post Gupta Religion and Society Lesson 8: The Birth of Islam and its Arrival in India

  6. Lesson 9 : The Expansion of Caliphate Lesson 10 : The Southeast Asian Principalities Lesson 11 : The Chinese Travellers Lesson 12 Conclusion of the Ancient Period in India

  7. Lesson 1 The Chalukyas By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)