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The Chalukyas

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

As far as the southern India is concerned, the Badami Chalukyas had an extremely important role in shaping the politics, art and culture of the region. After the collapse of the Gupta Empire, there was anarchy throughout the southern Asia. By early 500s, there was no political power in the region that could have influence over the whole region. Here began the era of numerous parallel empires. The land lying to the south of Narmada, particularly the Deccan was ruled by the Chalukyas, one of the most powerful empires that India ever saw. These Chalukyas ruled from Vatapi (now known as Badami). That’s why they were called Badami Chalukyas. One of their branches started ruling from Vengi. This is how the ‘Vengi Chalukyas’ or the ‘Eastern Chalukyas’ came into existence.

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