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The News Stand 8 June Part 2
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National News and Editorial

Swapnil Joglekar
Journo-in-making | Speaks Marathi, Hindi and English | Adores learning

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hey, whats the right time to start giving mocks when we are targeting CAT 2018
Anngad Singh
a year ago
  1. Welcome to The News Stand Date : o8 JUNE THE HINDU, DAINIK BHASKAR, THE HITVADA, OTHERS

  2. unacademy a Swapnil Joglekar Courses Educators Lessons Swapnil Joglekar 20 Followers 5 courses College student, Loves learning, Can reply to your comments in English, Hindi and Marathi

  3. . .-http://pranabmukherjeenic.m/sp070618.html Vi Former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee givinga speechatthe III Year Annual Training Camp of RSS

  4. NATION o NGT tells tanneries to pay up for treatment plants; Units in and around Kanpur told to contribute 25% of the cost for estb Common Effluent Treatment Plants Bhima Koregaon arrests: activists were in touch with top Naxals' ; Elgar Parishad' was funded with Naxal money, claim Pune police o 7 yr jail term for Abu Salem; He is not entitled to leniency e Air force to get high quality indigenous radars; Defense e Coast Guard's Interceptor ship C-439 commissioned in Mumbai Judge; Ashok Gupta extortion case Acquisition council gives nod for 12 radars worth Rs 5500 crore

  5. EDITORIAL IN SEARCH OF FRIENDS - Against a united opposition in 2019, the BJP will need to keep all its allies together VIOLENCE IN THE HILLS - The Meghalaya government must remain firm against nativist demands in Shillong . RESERVE BANK IN CONUNDRUM - Knee-jerk reactions causes uncertainty among all

  6. imsleed or reviewed punishments nvinced me that notwithstanding intrin- elephant in the room) all scandals in the deficiencies in public services are caused nspectorial failures ds, such as those that occur occasionally bank branches, to the much larger ones Bhopal gas tragedy and the Nirav Modi established to track how regulatory and at various levels "created" them or made CONCEPTUAL ACT ONE Population bottleneck BIOLOGY Averting Ponzi s A new bill seeks to shiel Also known as the genetic KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL overse bottleneck, this refers to any kind of cataclysmic Instances of people losing event that reduces the population of a species to to Ponzi schemes keep Schen their hard-earned money he Sterlite plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil ase in point. If the regulators and the in- a relatively tiny number. th ensuring that the plant did not pollute These could be natural ca ad held the management responsible at tastrophes like earth viation from norms, Sterlite would not oday, destroying jobs and hurting families No one is asking why the regulatory and s that were always there failed to kick in atters to get so completely out of hand. aucracy is terrific at rising to the occasion ut not when it comes to administering the quence is something we experience daily the middle of footpaths, uncollected gar cities, cows and dogs running amok on onvicted for the Bhopal gas tragedy seem bail forever, and the likes of Vijay Mallya eing. There is a steady deterioration in the epartments and ministries as well as field n across the country. The officers of all quent in their occurrence of the Government of India are at fault thus reducing their chanc get systems they are in charge of to ing of coming to light. The Ban- clause ning of Unregulated Depo- tral g sit Schemes Bill, 2018 was pand quakes and floods or disas- approved by the Union Ca The ters like major wars and genocides caused purely vide comprehensive legis- which by human beings. Bottle-lation to deal with illicit from neck events can adversely affect the genetic diversity country binet in February to pro- stanti deposit schemes in the in of a species since only a The Bill imposes com- plete prohibition of unreg- sits i Depo smaller population of the species will now be able to ulated deposit taking successfully pass on genes to the next generation Certain genetic variations promoting or operating an regul may, in fact, become eith er completely lost or infre- ac A tivity. It provides for notes deterrent punishment for that t unregulated deposit tak- activi ing scheme, stringent maki punishment for fraudu ex-an lent default in repayment existi to depositors, designation regula of a competent authority which es of survival

  7. illegally. The Bill provides for attachment of proper-DATA POINT ties/ assets by the compe- tent authority, and subse- Cutting out plastic use quent realisation of assets ot itie India's per capita consumption of plastic products is 11 kg, which is relatively low when compared to the U.S. (109 kg). It depositors will still be a tough challenge to eliminate the use of single- use plastics by 2020, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged Clear-cut time have been provided for at- tachment of property and across select countries and the world restitution to depositors. 120 e, lines recently. A look at the per capita consumption of plastics The Bill enables crea- PER CAPITA CONSUMPTION OF PLASTICS (KG) tion of an central online database, for collection and sharing of informa- tion on deposit taking ac- tivities in the country. Pri- marily, the Bill defines the60 "deposit taker" and "de- posit" comprehensively. SOURCE: FICCI REPORT 80 65 38 40 sit 28 The primary responsi- bility of implementing the provisions of the pro- posed legislation lies with the State governments. os Ju top 20 U.S. Europe China Brazil India World (avg. M LU-X

  8. INTERNATIONAL A journey to mark an infamous event; Sushma travels from Pentrich to Pietermaritzburg where Gandhi ji was thrown out of a 'Whites-only compartment Ghani announces truce with Taliban; The ceasefire could run from June 12 to 19, says Afghan President; operation against IS to continue through Eid US will respect WTO when it suits us: WH; 'We're bound by nationalinterests' e Ahead of summit, N. Korea razes missile test facility; Pyongyang had launched its Pukguksong 2 from the site o Mystery illness strikes more US diplomats in China;i emp of Guangzhou consulate had reported hearing strange noises and exhibiting brain injury Canadian PM expects 'difficult' conversationswith Trump at G7 symptoms of

  9. BUSINESS B recapitalization plan inadequate for gro care of provisioning, says Moody's; 'banks' ability to generate capital has 'PS wth' ; Funds will only take declines Group of Ministers will decide on AI divestment: Prabhu; It will discuss all alternatives, he says. 10 yr bond yields fall just short of 8%,RBI rate hike drives rise; re falls Jio to 'cover 99% of populace this year, Aims to deepen presence in existing areas; RO; bets on emerging tech for the next phase of growth Videocon under debt of Rs19oo0 crore, insolvency procedure to start NCLT accepts SEBI's petition Mukesh Ambani keeps salary capped at Rs 15 crore for the 1oth year ina row

  10. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY US team to join India Ocean study of Madden-Julian Oscillation; American research vessel arriving in Goa today will help collect sea data o Indian entrepreneurs, Leaf Wearables, win $ mn prize for safety device from 'Women's Safety XPRIZE'; Smart button concealed in wearables can send alerts in case of emergency Women work 8 hrs more than men per week, says Australian National University's report: Women's perf 2% better than men; still get Rs. 268 less for every hour's work; M (Office 10) A W (Home 18) Microsoft's first underwater data center; u7 ft below sea level, better net speed, reduced cooling cost; near Scotland's Orkney Island IIT's solar power system can convert plastic into fuel; can substitute diesel used in generators, furnaces and engines; o.7 litres of fuel oil/kg of plastic