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The News Stand 7 June Part 2
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Swapnil Joglekar
Journo-in-making | Speaks Marathi, Hindi and English | Adores learning

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  2. unacademy a Swapnil Joglekar Courses Educators Lessons Swapnil Joglekar 20 Followers 5 courses College student, Loves learning, Can reply to your comments in English, Hindi and Marathi

  3. President Ram Nath Kovind with Officer Trainees of Indian Foreign Service of 2017 batch.

  4. EDITORIAL PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE - As inflationary trends harden, the RBI's rate hike will quell uncertainty in the markets . DEFEND THE DEAL - Iran should cooperate with Europe and China to work around US sanctions

  5. iopolitical outcomes. Often it teach ed to repeat past actions. often involved the complex relation- CONCEPTUAL FAQ nd politos, w varaAnti-martingale ICICI Bank's growing tro ed at least for several more genera- uly secular state is an impossibility in uism, earlier a system of beliefs, wasThis refers to a betting On the earlier and recent allegatio hristened a religion. All parties conti ous bodies, and the power balance to- increases or decreases the MANOJIT SAHA sed in favour of religious bodies that ut threaten to sway voter opinion. ns grow through political patronage. his previous bet. After controversy about? onal connect and legitimacy, and by supply and demand. This dynamic is t a balance in terms of the influence INVESTING strategy where a gambler media reported Mr allegations size of his bet depending on whether he won or lost What is the ICICI Bank What is ICICI Bank's winning a bet, the gambler In 2016, Arvind Gupta, an response? doubles the size of his next investor, wrote to the Prime The board of ICICI bet, but after suffering a Minister's Office, the then had reposed confide loss, he halves the size of Reserve Bank of India Go- Ms. Kochhar after the we need vigilant checks and ba personal excesses are regulated, as litics, his next bet. It is believed vernor Raghuram Rajan, came to light in Mare that the anti-martingale and others, seeking an in- nying any conflict of strategy can help maxi- quiry into transactions bet est. Its chairman, mise the size of gains ween ICICI Bank, the Video- Sharma, had said Ms. I when a player is perform con group and NuPower har had made all the n ing well in a game of Renewables, a company sary disclosures. ICICI chance, while minimising promoted by Ms. Kochhar's also said that the total losses when the same husband, Deepak Kochhar al but a practical impossibility e yagna incident, a relevant question m the very meaning of the word yag incorrectly equate it to a sacrifice. In most primeval and basic of all transac- y mutual consent. In a sacrifice I give don't have any more of it. In a yagna, I nat I have and get more because I have player is faring quite poor- in 2010. It was alleged that a co ething they need and then taken what ly. It has been used by ma- company related to the Vi h I need. The principle of reciprocity is nunity living. Yagna in this case is apmake decisions regarding Venugopal Dhoot, invested its subsidiari wers that commissioned it in Gujarat, s ded by the lend to the Video group, which included and I es, was arot , exten ny successful traders to deocon group chairman, deconed how much money to bet 64 crore in NuPower in 40,0o0 sition of giving to get back, should have on a particular trading po- 2010 and that proprietor highlighted the e ship of the company was transferred to a trust owned was not the lead consortium ciple Mr Kochhar for 9 lakh Further, the bank said t after the Videocon group committee of received a loan of 23,250 rrore from ICICI Bank in con was chaired by the the in gods truly need. Then plans to create afforestation, and many other sprung up. The same time and ener- modern version of the yagna may have acilities, ors sanctioned loans to Vided ave MORE ON

  6. tigation has registered a liminary enquiry against epak Kochhar, officials of utilise the opportunity to their best advantage. Videocon group and ers, to determine if ere was any wrongdoing. wever, this inquiry did t name Chanda Kochhar. DATA POINT Big bucks in sport The annual median salary of the 100 highest-earning athletes was about $24 million in 2017. While most athletes' here do things stand now? endorsement revenues were commensurate with their ast week, the bank's board rdered a probe by an 'in- lependent and credible' person following fresh alle- gations from another whis- tleblower against Ms. Koch- har. The allegations includeUsain Bolt a potential violation of thes 51 M/$30 M bank's code of conduct and i . of quid pro quo in dealing with certain borrowers. The board's Audit Commit-.5 tee will appoint the head of the inquiry panel, outline salaries, there were a few outliers like Roger Federer (higher endorsement revenue) and Floyd Mayweather (higher salary) Virat Kohli $4 M /$20 M LeBron James Cristiano Ronaldo $33.5 M /$52 M 61 M/$47 M 50 o Lionel Messi Roger Federer $1222 M/$65 M o Floyd Mayweather 275 M 310 M SALARY ENDORSEMENTS SOURCE: FORBES ebastian Vettel 42 M /$0.3 M 0.1 its terms of reference and 20 300 specify the period covered by the probe. SALARY(S MN) [LOG SCALE M LU-X

  7. INTERNATIONAL No change in H-1B visa policy so far : US diplomat; says country has most free, open immigration system American Muslims not welcome for Trump's iftar; about 40 guests mostly diplomats from Islamic countries, are invited for dinner Paletinians hail Messi for calling off Jerusalem match; Israel accuses Palestinians of inciting anger towards players . F Chinese companies: Huawei and B confirms data-sharing ties with OPPO among the firms that got access to data British-Pakistani activist abducted, released; Gul Bukhari has been citical of army o India's rank marginally improves in peace index; Bangladesh, US and China slip; Pak improves rank

  8. BUSINESS . EU plans retaliatorv tariffs against US Co-op banks can become small finance banks, says RBI; Regulator allows 4 quarters to spread Mark-To-Market losses accruing in April- une quarter . RBI tweaks norms to boost affordable housing lending; Relaxed NPA rules for MSMEs...28 lakh -35 lakh (metro) (40 lakh) and 20 lakh 25 lakh(3o lakh) The procedure of winding up of sick units of govt companies made easier; affordable house to be made on this surplus land Now no need to give reference of 2 people while applying for passport SEBI doubles Angel Fund investment limit in Venture Capital from Rs crore to Rs 10 crore Prez approves ordinance to treat home buyers as creditors o

  9. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY . Gene mapping of 3000 bacteria to help fight deadly superbugs; includes samples of a bug isolated from British scientist Alexander Fleming's nose FB allows lip sync of songs Russian Soyuz capsule MS-o9 with 3 astronauts from US,EU and Russia blasts off for International Space Station

  10. SPORTS o Muguruza embarrasses Sharapova with a thumping win; 6-2,6-1 at the French Open semi finals to condemn Maria to her worst Grand slam defeat o B'desh women surprise India; All round show by Rumana Ahmed 5 yr old, Sarthak Deshpande becomes youngest rated chess player(FIDE 1064) in India