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The News Stand 25 June Part 2

Editorial, Conceptual and Data Point from The Hindu, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hitavada for 25 June

Swapnil Joglekar
Journo-in-making | Speaks Marathi, Hindi and English | Adores learning

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Thank you Nitin sir. This seriese is very helpful.

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  3. Amicro replica of the FIFA World Cup created by Kerala basedartist Suraj Kumar on thelead of apencilusing a blade anda needle. P.C. The Hindu

  4. EDITORIAL FOR NUTRITION SECURITY - India remains lacking in the commitment to tackle undernourishment ; chronic food deprivation 2016 815 million people, even greater among people who live in regions affected by conflict and the extreme effects of climate change; impact of eco. downturn, many violent conflicts, fall in commodity export revenues, failure of agri. owing to drought and floods worsening; 14.5% OF Indians suffers from undernourishment, 53% women are anaemic, ; complementing rice and wheat with more nutritious food items SKETCHY DEAL- As Saudi Arabia drives an OPEC agreement to increase oil output the real impact is unclea o HIGH HOPES- Indian Hockey team begins its Champions Trophy campaign by mauling Pakistan 4-0

  5. ew international norm whereby it was as- nternational community" - or more aptly rs- had the right to intervene in countries ts engaged in brutal suppression of their nResponsibility to Protect (R2P), derived rt by a high-powered commission at the ecretary General, became the linchpin of intervention argument. ollary, humanitarian intervention, have ing the international order rather than r two major reasons. First, such interven ndertaken with the objective of regime ut much thought about the rebuilding of hat this would entail. Consequently, they ducing state failure, which has led to peo- rity through ethnic, sectarian and tribal CONCEPTUAL SHELF HELP Resourceship ECONOMICS A view of America This refers to an economic Understanding the country theory which views re sources like oil and other KALLOL BHATTACHARJEE people who minerals as assets that are created through the appli- The rise of Donald Trump eral' gover cation of human effort This is in contrast to the typical view of environ- mentalists who see re sources as that which are provided by nature, limit ed in their overall supply, and prone to be used till riously opposed him. Powers: Eco they are no longer availa ble. Resourceship consid ers the supply of resources to be dependent on the capability of human be answer is multi-layered, plained ho ings to tap them, which in turn depends on factors like property rights which may have yielded this out- great powe shape human incentives. The theory was proposed by the economist Erich surprised many not only against then in the U.S. but across the To under world. Few took him se ca's position riously when he contested order, i the presidential elections, Paul Kenne no one predicted he tions in his 1 would win, and no one se- Rise and Fa thus accentuating internal conflicts. Se- an interventions are undertaken largely at P-3 (the U.S., the U.K. and France), who in the UNSC and have the wherewithal to ventions. Where they are unable to garner NSC they have launched interventions un f the "coalition of the willing", as in the case manitarian interventions have been under There has been a lot of de- and Military bate since his victory on 1500 to what prompted Ameri- strategic-ec cans to vote for him. The proach, R suit the interests of the U.S. and its allies. and it is useful to study the historical landscape that tions pros other did intervention in humanitarian crises, such as not suit the P-3, especially the U.S., face the the UNSC. This is why genuine humanitar- gout for intervention remain unaddressed. ian interventions are in fact extensions of vers' foreign policies rather than genuine at- Arlie Russell Hoch- of hardshi schild went to rural Loui- must invest siana for five years and in- said, but tha teracted with Tea Party vestment w supporters. She found the comme that people had not been tiveness of ting the security of affected populations. dea that the P-5 should not exercise their issues of humanitarian intervention, while use the per-

  6. by pocesnb efit most governments vote merely short-term advan DATA POINT from lib tage but longer-term dis Guns and deaths t them? understand sition in the global mark to bear in mind now.with per capita deaths due to small arms. They also had a high it is useful to readAnother book of the Ameri- advantage." This is a re- In 2017, El Salvador and Venezuela topped the list of countries relative density of small arms per 100 civilians (the U.S. led in this metric with 120.5 small arms, illegal and legal). India is estimated Kennedy's predic- late '80s, Allan Bloom's his 1988 book, The The Closing of the Ameri to have 7 crore weapons (5.3 among 100 civilians) but a low death d Fall of the Great can Mind, spoke of the rate due to small arms. In general, countries with a high rate of Economic Change changes on American ownership had higher death rates. Switzerland was among some of itary Conflict from campuses. Bloom mis- the exceptions 2000. Using a trusted modernity and c-economic ap- capitalism. From moral Kennedy ex relativism to the growing how certain na- number of divorces and Estimate Deaths due to Population of civilian Rank Country in miltionfirearms per small 100 persons arms 72.5 64.3 50.9 21.2 prospered while the popularity of German El Salvador 12 6.17 31.93 18.91 211.24 dn't and how the academic traditions in 18.5 2 wers squandered American campuses, Venezuela gains of decades Bloom pointed to a sense Syria ships. The U.S. of growing intellectual va est in arms, he cuum in the U.S. that dis that the same in- gruntled elements had Brazil 9 31 9.7 120.5 22.3 12.3 5.3 27.6 3.6 South Africa 55.44 space to fit into. 3.1 326.47 196.74 143.38 1342.51 8.45 would "erode nercial competi Bruce Riedel's 2010 Deadly Embrace studied closely the problem of Is lamic fundamentalism growing out of the Afghan istan-Pakistan region. It is essential in understanding 63 the American He said: "The g American sta- the next de- a rteed to 'man- irs so that the Pakistan Russia India Switzerland of 0 151 ver 0.2 183 1388.23 0 rosion of the Un- the U.S's inability for long (among 1 lakh population) es' position takes in dealing with al-Qaeda soURCE: ADAPTED FROM SMALL ARMS SURVEY, DEATH RATE BASED ON 2016 DATA wly and smooth and the Taliban. FIREARMS ESTIMATE AS OF 2017 A LUX

  7. INTERNATIONAL . Isle of dogs: Pak. Fishers feed islands full of strays; a place of o EU holds emergency talks over migration; leaders, led by o 'Independence Day' for women in Saudi Arabia; victory laps refuge for hundreds of dogs that escape slaughter Merkel, have downplayed hopes of a regional agreement staged across the country as women celebrate the end of a long-standing ban on driving o As Turkey votes, Erdogan eyes new term; an energetic campaign by opposition candidate Muharrem nce could take the presidential race to the second round: 56 million eligible voters, for these snap polls 12 years ahead of schedule

  8. a Fomaadofthe Frendh Grand Prix. a 1Al Hamadmade a breakthrough for Saudi Arabian womenbydriving Estrella Galicia Estrella Galicia

  9. BUSINESS Key monetary tools at the RBI's disposal; CRR (4%), SLR-dep. in govt. sec. (19.5%), Repo rate of RBI loan (6.25%), Reverse Repo rate-rate of dep. (6%) Of banks and ebbing deposit flows; Commercial banks' deposits expanded by 6.7% in FY18, the lowes-growth rate in more than 5 decades-diminishin returns, SIPs, adverse news flow about bad loans, capital adequacy woes, frauds As trade war looms, China cuts some banks' reserve requirements; move will releaseabout 7oobn yuan for add. Lending Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to invest $2o0 mn. in Nat. Infra. & Inv. Fund (NIF) ; almost 25% of funds committed are for India projects : Finance Minister Goyal Plastic ban from June 23: Industry states at a loss of Rs. 15000 crores, may leave 3 lakh people jobless says Plastic Bags Manufacturers Association of India e e e

  10. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY o Stealth sheet created to escape infrared cameras; can help objects and people to hide from infrared cameras