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The News Stand 6 June Part 2

North, West, East, South, Editorial, Conceptual, Data Point, International​ News

Swapnil Joglekar
Journo-in-making | Speaks Marathi, Hindi and English | Adores learning

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What is selectivity???
Sneh shah
a year ago
Selectivity means not reducing / oxidising both ch3 but any 1 which is more stable

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  3. onecomb THE BOOK COMPRISES 30 ANECDOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS BY THE TODDLER . . Enteteilt webpag Ayan Gogoi Gohain

  4. EDITORIAL .LIFE IN PLASTIC - It's far from fantastic. India's framework on discouraging its use is in disarray . FAMILIAR MOORINGS - With his Shangri-La Dialogue address, the PM signals a foreign policy re- orientation . NDA's ROPEWALK - After the by election setbacks the voices of dissent are clear from Maharashtra to Bihar

  5. Conceptual . Self-serving bias - This refers to a cognitive bias that causes people to overestimate their worth while underestimating their unfavourable drawbacks. They attribute positive events to their own high capability and -ve events to external factors like bad luck, or actions of others.

  6. hastri ull the Dasis of mutual disarmament India will have to or- one is the eternal activist ganise her own means of self defence with British assistance key among birds, its high and in that event another army commission will proceed to In d, in pitched at the very lawns one can also eyes spot the red-naped ibis head very crats taking a stroll, like an old DATA POINT pping gentleman with his hands ill be behind the back, ponder- Plastic planet ir be- in to an that mandarins inside single-use plastic products such as coffee cups and water eye, North and South Block are bottles has been on the rise globally (over 25 countries).T rs is breaking their heads over. is a small positive given that the planet had generated an call sounding like, id-he-do-it?" On these dia, presided over probably by an English noble man who has already gained great reputation for army organisation. g over the knotty affairs The number of new regulations at the national level on using Another regular on the estimated 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste, as of 2015. A look n Par- lawns of the government at the rise in the number of regulations ises, bungalows is the peacock. errun A long-time MP from Kera- rters la recently pointed to the4 pillar bird in his house: "The 12 arlia- peacock and I have been 10 ful to living together here now their for nine years. But who opho- knows, next time if I lose, litics he will continue to stay on . 0 often without rent, while I will cries be evicted without delay." NUMBER OF NEW REGULATIONS 18 Examples of regulations include banning certain categories of plastic Rcompletely or imposing levies on consumers who use plastic bags 2003 2010 2017 1990 1994 Source: UN, B M LUX

  7. INTERNATIONAL Anthem row: Trump scraps event; Some players of NFL champions Philadelphia Eagles refuse to stand up during national anthem to protest gun violence o World Bank asks Pakistan to accept India's offer of appointing a neutral expert' on Kishanganga dam dispute A6 member Pak caretaker govt takes charge till polls on July 25 Guatemala rescuers search hot mud for volcano survivors, death toll rises to 69 o Indian origin Tommy Thomas becomes Malaysia's new Attorney General; the 1St from a minority community to hold the post in 55 years

  8. BUSINESS . Cane farmers sceptical about Rs 8000 crore bailout proposal; cite failure of earlier Rs.1540 crore package o Hindustan Unilever to integrate foods and refreshment units in India; move in line with Unilver's global structure . Maruti 'investing' in new texh to bring down CO2 emissions; plans to install 5MW solar power plant in Gurgaon

  9. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY e Nitrogen emission going up; make up largest fraction of PM2.5; fertiliers, agriculture and untreated sewage causing the rise NASA's Curiosity rover is analyzing Mars rocks again in more than a vear after its drill went offline in Dec 2016 e Green, hygienic, and cheaper sanitary pads; Biodegradable napkins at Rs. 10 for a pack of four; additive becomes biodegradable when it comes into contact with oxygen 539 species discovered in the past vear according to survevs ub. By Zoological Survey of India and Botanical Survey of ndia

  10. SPORTS Indian women faces Bdesh in Women's Asia Cup Tao Zimbawean cricketers angry due to long overdue payment of salary; shall boycott Australia, Pakistan tri- T2o series; not received salary from 3 months. Match fee from 11 months . Mastercard to donate 10,0oo meals to UN's World Food Programme on every goal scored by Neymar and Messi