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The News Stand 11 June Part 2
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Swapnil Joglekar
Journo-in-making | Speaks Marathi, Hindi and English | Adores learning

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  3. P.C. The Hindu Hindu family's Koran at Srinagar's Ramzan expo

  4. NATION o NITI A ayog seeks views to rationalise trade margins in medical devices, the Aayog in a concept titled 'Rationalisation of Trade Margins in Medical Devices A Concept Note' stated that the govt. intends to make available critical and lifesaving medical devices to the needy masses at affordable prices Govt. to strengthen supply chain of Jan Aushadhi stores; the govt. is strengthening back end supply chain of over 3600 J A stores to ensure availability of low cost medicines, also no of drugs is expanded to around 100o Mugalsarai renaming loss of Rly. Heritage, erasure of public memory'; the over 150 year old station has been renamed Deen Dayal Upadhyay Station 26 of Super 30 institute cross the big IIT hurdle; Patna centre gives free coaching to poor students 'Draft pesticide bill hurt farmers' said Prez. of Pesticides Manufacturers and Formulators Association of India; clause on listing ingredients dropped o

  5. EDITORIAL NO EASY SOLUTIONS - A 'bad-bank'is not a magic bullet; tackling NPAs requires other structural reforms as well . CEASING FIRE - The Taliban's reciprocal truce against Afghan troops provides a glimmer of hope CUP OF JOY - Soccer fever to rule the world; ready to have own fill from the Cup of Joy

  6. a. w stance perhaps was also the absence top officials at the Oval Office meeting yang's principal envoy and nuclear President Mike Pence, nor National Se- CONCEPTUAL SHELF HELP Presden hike rence nor Nationa eThird-person A World Cup readino ect PSYCHOLOGY were present at the meeting with first official from North Korea since the White House and only the second President. Mr. Pence and Mr. Bolton openly suggested that the path ahead be based on the model adopted by Li olton What do they know of foot This refers to a cognitive MINI KAPOOR bias that causes people to believe that information The first match of the FIFA versus soco World Cup 2018 kicks off ture and on June 14, and in geogra- words inter ar el-Qaddafi. Qaddafi, in 2004, relinspread through mass me- dia has a greater influence on others than on them- phies worldwide for the any case, rogramme in exchange for economic West. However, considering Qaddafi's ising, backed by Western powers, this een viewed by the North Korean go g example to emulate. Thus, recent re- parallel pushed Pyongyang to issue out of the Singapore summit, even selves. For instance, many next month, many of us word used people believe that adverwill work our daily sche- tion of w tisements do not have anyd real influence on their the ac choices like they do on i .) others. This is because pe- ople like to believe that they are in complete con trol of their thoughts, theories on how the sport ing cultu which in turn influences is our window to the cial them to falsely think that they are immune to the persuasive influence of reading th British edi dules to take in as much of tion live as we can. It ll is already a prompt to re book visit some of the favourite Then t books on football, and reliables perhaps to give flight to stand a c ally called it off. e current view is Washington's unwil pressure" for complete dis the need for a long-drawn precede total disarmament. After Mr. Trump acknowledged ex- uld have to be many such rounds to ximum ecognises world. For example, Fran- backdro klin Foer's How Football David G Explains the World: An Nation: Unlikely Theory of Global zil Thro isation. Or Simon Kuper's Winner much-quoted book, with Orange perhaps the longest subtit- nius of le: Soccernomics: Why En- Jimmy o envoy, r Trump's assurance not to impose : mass media. The idea was emphasising that existing measures first proposed by Ameri- e can sociologist W. Phillips Davison in 1983 ld remain in place. Obtaining relief ional sanctions, while retaining the loped over the decades, was Mr. .

  7. how to put together my unique reading list every DATA POINT time: The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup, edited by Matt Weiland Both people's perception about their currentcnin Mar and Sean Wilsey. Pand their future expectations have slipped yet agai flects blished in time for the 2018 after reaching a low in November 20 2006 edition of the tour- nament in Germany, Wei- land and Wilsey assigned Index is now hovering around levels reached in the final year of to 32 writers, and not ne- the United Progressive Alliance regime. cessarily sports writers, FUTURE EXPECTATIONS INDEX one participating country 130 each, so that the reader Pessimism prevails c situation 7. The dip ref deterioration in sentiments regarding the eml the price level of commodities, and income ent scenario Loym The ituation i URRENT SITUATION INDEX knew about the country120 and not just its team. The essays in themselves are brilliant, but they also 110 serve as a nudge to get the reader to draw up her own list for subsequent tourna- 100 ments by reading an es- say/book on or from for each country that's quali- fied. 90 Nov 2017 Draw up your lists of 32, 80 there's much reading to be Jan 2014 Jan 2015 Jan 2016 Jan 2017 Mar 2018 The March 2018 survey is based on 5,297 response half-time Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbal an from six metros- d New Delhi. breaks over the next few Source: RBI Consumer Confidence Survey, March 2018

  8. INTERNATIONAL Modi holds bilateral talks with Presidents of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia front to fight terror groups; the group of 8 countries, including China, India SCO calls for global ,Pakistan, and Russia, resolves to deepen cooperation to contain the 3 evils of terrorism, extremism and separatism o Mauritius to host global Hindi meet; Hindi scholars unimpressed, says conference could end up as a public relations exercise o Rise in India-ASEAN naval games; in the latest, a bilateral exercise will be held with Indonesia in the Java Sea; in addition to Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) that the 2 sides conduct o Trudeau stabbed us in the back : US; Trump's advisers blame Canada for G7 fiasco; France, Germany hit back at Washington rump, Kim reach Singapore for historic peace summit; North Korean leader meets PM Lee Hsien Loong; trump calls it 'mission of peace, any agreement at the summit would be 'spur of the moment Tourists keep Vietnam's puppets afloat; the birthplace of water puppetry is struggling to find patronage among locals Rains pound Rohingya c least 170 refugees amps housing around a million people last year, heavy showers killed at o

  9. BUSINESS ICICI Bank, Kochhar under, Securities and Exchange Commission lens; US regulator seeks more details from SEBI, as bank is listed on the American stock exchanges too 'Mojority of CEOs say GDP growth to cross 7% in FY10, capacity utilisation would also rise during the year: Confederation of Indian Industry poll Customers wary of how companies use their personal data, finds survey; sound policies and transparency critical to earn customer trust, says Salesforce, San Francisco based cloud computing firm Chal a Pachami: 'New approach, tech tie-ups needed lenges may dampen glee over Deoch

  10. LIFE o British women celebrate 100 years of right to vote; Green, white and violet shades dominate the streets Avengers swoop down on Disneyland Paris; a merger of traditional characters with those of Marvel