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The Initial Iron Age Cultures in India

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Abhyudaya Kelkar

Whenever there is a migration, there emerges a series of cultures that follow in succession, a cultural continuum in more appropriate words. In India, it is a very poorly narrated story. How Aryans really came and settled in India and what they did here is an interesting tale. Gandhara Grave Culture or Swat Culture is considered as the first episode of this whole process. But it was in far away Gandhara, the Pakistani province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, earlier known as North-west Frontier Province. From GGC and indigenous Cemetry-H culture, perhaps a new tradition came into being, an ‘Aryan’ entity, a sequel of many other cultures, which are differentiated by the types of pottery they used. These cultures, differentiated by the pattern of pottery in use, are briefly described in this lesson. It will be augmented by a separate lesson on maps of the sites. So please refer this lesson along with the final lesson of this part, Lesson-12 ‘The Important Sites’

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