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The Hindu Current Affairs: 8th June 2017 (in Tamil)
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Points about President election.Salient point about SCO and other points important for your exam.All in Tamil language.

Dr Jagadesh Kumar
,M.B.B.S.,Now doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai.Cleared NEET PG,TNPG,UPSC GDMO.

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correct answer..keep it up
RATS stands for Regional Anti Terrorism Structure..
correct answer..keep it up
Thank u! Your comments on neutrino project?
RATS-Regional anti terrorists structure
correct answer..keep it up
correct answer..keep it up

  2. About me . M.B.B.S., Currently doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai Interests: Music, Movies,Cricket .Loves to teach and motivate people Loves to teach and motivate people .Taken classes in organizations Follow me on Unacademy at: Unacademy at: : Motivational Reviews-That's what motivates me to do more video

  3. Answer for yesterday's question is Qatar. . Today's question: LPA is a average of how many years of Monsoon Rains in LPA is a average of how many years of Monsoon Rainsin India ? e A.50 . B.100 . C.10 D.25

  4. Mandsaur district, the epicentre of the agitation in MP. policy repo rate unchanged at 6.25% and asserted that the current state of the economy did not warrant "premature" policy action that could risk "the loss of credibility. current state of the economy did not warrant premature" policy tenure of President comes to an end on July 24,July 17 is the election. President is elected through an electoral college that includes national, State and Union Territory legislators. World HealthOrganization (WHO) has divided the drugs into three categoriesaccess, watch and reserve.Commonly used antibiotics will be under the access category; the second line ofantibiotics, slightly more potent,have been categorisedunder "watch" and potent drugs to be used only as "last resort" fall under

  5. e Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.-White Rumped vultures-endangered- abundance . Bengal Govt to change the student unions election process,now Cheerieahe ovthe otee wa hed the post of student union the Principal of the college will hold the post of student union Chief.Teacher will be the Treasurer. e government has directed all universities and higher educational institutions across the countrv to ensure that no fees pavments are made by students in cas . INO project primarily aims to study atmosphericneutrinos in a 1,300-m deep cavern in the Bodi West Hills in Theni district Tamil Nadu. If completed, the INO would house the largest magnet in the world,four times more massive than the European Organization for NuclearResearch, CERN's Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector's magnet

  6. What are Neutrinos? Neutrinos are tiny particles, almost massless, that travel at near light speeds comes from exploding stars and gamma ray bursts. Byproducts of nuclear fusion in the sun eJanuary 5, 2015, the Union cabinet gave its approval to establish the INO at an estimated cost of Rs1,500 crore, the most expensive basic science project in India . The Republic of Ireland is contiguous with Northern Ireland,and therefore the only EU country that shares a land border with the U.K

  7. Common Travel Area, a mechanism by which British and Irish citizens can live and work in the two countries . Lollapalooza Effect-where multiple human biases,acting in a concerted manner,produce a large, extreme outcome. Coke's easy availability at most stores, strong brand value of happiness, social influence,and other favourable biases towards the drink have created a huge market for it -74% schools do not have computers in their schools,Bihar- 92.4% Kerala-6% do not have computers.

  8. . Points about President Election: e Nominated members of either the Rajya Sabha, the Lok Sabha or the State Assemblies are not eligible to be included in the Electoral College. members of the Legislative Councils are not elector epolitical parties cannot issue any whip Special pen for voting GST was brought under the 101st amendment act.

  9. International Day for Yoga was declared by Nations General Assembly in December, 2014 and was first celebrated on June 21,2015 .International Day for Yoga was declared by the United India will be admitted as a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) at Astana SCO has broadly two legs of cooperation. One is trade,banking, connectivity, energy and the second is the fight against terrorism under RATS SCO HQ-Beijing and RATS HQ-Tashkent . UK is election day for them.

  10. 82.6% of currency that was in the banking system prior to demonetisation had returned to circulation. UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2017 said India ranked 10th in terms of FDI inflows in 2016.Top 3 investment destinations till 2019 MarineProducts Export DevelopmentAuthority, the U.S. andSouth East Asia continue to be the major importers.Frozen Shrimp leads. oldest fossils of our species, found in Ethiopia, dated back just 1,95,000 years. Latest find-3,00,000 years -Morocco. e oldest fossils of our species, found in Ethiopia, dated back just T.Rex has scales and not feathers.