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The Hindu Current Affairs: 21st June 2017 (in Tamil)
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Points about GM seeds and International court of Justice and other exam points sourced from The Hindu.In Tamil language

Dr Jagadesh Kumar
,M.B.B.S.,Now doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai.Cleared NEET PG,TNPG,UPSC GDMO.

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well Explain mam. . .
The scientific name of hing is Asafoetida [ferula assa foetida is the Binomial name].In Tamil hing means "PERUNGAYAM"
sueprb ..impressive
ICJ verdict thaandi UN security council iku kondu pogalam #veto power , important
never knew that ..will check that ..good point ... :)
where is that point given? can u give me the reference ...
The Hindu online
Good work anna keep going we support u a lot
thank you support me by sharing with other tamil aspirants..
Good work sir...keep going...
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very useful for me sir...
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  2. About me . M.B.B.S., Currently doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai Interests: Music, Movies,Cricket .Loves to teach and motivate people Loves to teach and motivate people .Taken classes in organizations Follow me on Unacademy at: Unacademy at: : Motivational Reviews-That's what motivates me to do more video

  3. .Answer for yesterday's question is B.Article 72 . Today's question: What is the other name for Hing? A.Asafoetida . B.Ginger . C.Saffron .D.Ganja

  4. eJustice Karnan was the first sitting High Court judge to be awarded imprisonment for six months by the Supreme Court . earth observation satellite under Cartosat-2 series-29 satellites of foreign nations-totally 31 satellites Ministry of Culture (MoC) has decided to merge the functions of the Central Reference Library (CRL) with the National Library. The CRL, located in the National Library campus in Kolkata, is responsible for the publication and sale of the Indian National Bibliography (INB). The INB is the list of all books published ir India annually and is the key source for foreign libraries to know about the books published in India

  5. ISBN system, which requires the unique number assigned to the with the names of authors, language or subject matter. Indian Navy's first indigenously built floating dock (FDN)was launched at L&T's shipyard in Kattupalli floating dock is 185 metres long and 40 metres wide and will enable docking of all kinds of vessels, including Naval ships and submarines (excepting aircraft carriers and tankers) the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)--the scientiic committee of the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change that regulates genetically modiied (GM) crops in India

  6. . GM cotton-GM Brinjal and GM Mustard seeds . principal reason for opposition to GM crops is the potential for serious, irreversible damage to human health and the environment Impossible Trinity-Economics-a central bank that hopes to conduct independent monetary policy must choose between maintaining a fixed foreign exchange rate and allowing the free movement of capital Small and marginal farmers depend on on banking sources for credit.

  7. Section 24(3) (where the taxman thinks the person in possession of the property held benami may alienate the property) of the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act, 2016 Under the Act, enacted in 1988 but implemented from November 1 last, violators attract a rigorous imprisonment of up to seven years and a fine up to 25% of the fair market value of the property Section 24 of the Right to Information Act (RTI) exempts security and intelligence agencies from RTI provisions, except in the case of allegations of human rights violations and corruption

  8. .The GTA is an autonomous body, created after an agreement signed by the GJM, the West Bengal government and the Centre in 2011. India has renominated Justice Dalveer Bhandari at the International Court of Justice (IC), the principal legal organ of the United Nations The Court consists of 15 judges who are elected to nine-year terms by the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council.annual salary and supplementary allowance. After leaving the court, members receive annual pensions.

  9. .Founded in 1945, the ICJ settles disputes between sovereign states and gives advisory opinions on legal questions that have been referred to it by other authorised UN organs. The ICJ is open to all UN member states American university student held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months died at USA Russia decriminalised homosexuality in 1993 Pakistan and Afghanistan border-2,400-km Durand Line, drawn by British rulers in 1896. runs through the ethnic Pashtun territory

  10. Commonwealth Youth Games at Nasau from July 18to 23. Commonwealth Youth Games at Nassau from July 18 to 23 The Triassic extinction, one of the largest mass extinctions of animal life on record, was proceeded by the dinosaur era . How many exoplanets discovered and how Kepler detects it? . Kepler has already discovered 4,034 potential exoplanets, telescope detects the presence of planets by registering minuscule drops in a star's brightness