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The Hindu Current Affairs: 23rd June 2017(in Tamil)
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Antarctica,E way bill under GST, Sedition,Cartosat satellite and many other exam points sourced from The Hindu.All in Tamil language

Dr Jagadesh Kumar
,M.B.B.S.,Now doing PG in MD Radiation Oncology at Madras Medical College,Chennai.Cleared NEET PG,TNPG,UPSC GDMO.

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hello mam. does the nominated members of the anglo indian community of lok sabha take part in presidential election?
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your videos are very useful to revise hindu paper wholesum..i used to watch roman sir mcq session only after watchng ur daily current affrs was like one stop solution to read and memorise the daily currentaffrs.thanku somuch DR sir.
oh ..thank you ..... i am happy that my course helps you a lot
odisha (formerly orissa) sir
Cartography - map drawing
correct answer
correct answer

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  3. Answer for yesterday's question is A.15 Today's question: 22nd Asian Athletics Championship is going to take place in? A.Jharkhand B.Kerala C.Delhi D.Orissa

  4. President Elections> 50% votes except in 1969 'T am poor...I get ration' for eligibility to subsidised food grains under the National Food Security Act.Painted in poor people's houses in Raiasthan In Maharashtra,land was taken from the farmers during the British period when the Royal Air Force constructed an airbase near the Haji Malang Fort. The farmers have been demanding the land back, but it was handed over to the defence department after Independence

  5. .Antarctica: Antarctica-the world's only continent without countries and citizens Pacts-Conservation of Antarctic Seals (1972) and the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (1980) .rebuildingits station at Maitri. Dakshin Gangotri, the first Indian base established in 1984 Conservation of Antarures (1980 Cartosat- 2 series satellite-PSLV-C38 . 17th flight - four-stage PSLV in the XL (extended) version with strap-on motors.

  6. .2nd highest number of satellites to be launched by ISRO using a single rocket PSLV-C37 mission launched 104 satellites The Cartosat-2 earth observation satellite and nano satellite cartographic applications, coastal land use and regulation, road network monitoring, water distribution, land use mapping and geographical information system applications NIUSAT-nanosatellite for crop monitoring and disaster management Different types of orbits-Sun Synchronous Polar Orbit (SSPO), Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO)

  7. Supreme Court-, had clarified that the power available to State governments for commutation of sentence would not apply to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case or those cases where conviction was under any Central law or where a Central agency such as the CBI had carried out investigation Metro Man-E.Sreedharan . French revolution in 1789 introduction of the euro -2002

  8. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Market) Rules, 2017 Gauri Maulekhi vs. Union of India and others-frame guidelines to prevent animals from being smuggled out of India to places like Nepal where animal sacrifi?es take place during the Gadhimai Festival. Buffaloes Rule 14(h)-prohibits "putting ornaments or decorative materials on animals

  9. . Alcohol is a State subject . The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that sedition only applies when there is clear and immediate incitement to violence . 1962 in the Kedar Nath Singh judgment when it read down Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code, which is the sedition clause. Article 19 (1), which guarantees free speech. Article 19 (2) permits restrictions on freedom of speech on the grounds of sovereignty

  10. Kuznet curve- Economics-hypothesis that economic growth initially leads to greater inequality, followed later by the reduction of inequality Indira Sawhney (Mandal Commission) case-had directed the establishmentof the NCBC as a statutory body. a law was passed in 1993 to set up the commission. The NCBC has been examining cases for inclusion in the BC lists for the Central government 123rd Amendment says the President may by public notification specify the socially and educationally backward classes in relation to a State or a Union Territorv