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The Governor: 30.3 (Laxmikant Summary)
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This lesson discusses the oath of the governor and the term of office of the governor.

Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

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Thank u mam .mam ne contact cheyyan public aayi allatha mail adress tharan pattumo ?budimuttanenkil vanda chodichu enna ulloo
Siji Biju
a year ago
Siji Biju
a year ago
a year ago
Greetings! Your courses are awesome.Thanks for the efforts. I have one doubt, Please clarify(May not be important but still eager to know) Based on previous lesson we learnt, "Emoluments and allowances cannot be diminished during term of office" Also based on "President can transfer a Governor from one state to another mid-term" Does the parliament/state(for which he/she newly appointed) have to fix the same emoluments which was provded earlier (Hope there is no other go for the state other than to bear it)? Thanks!!
good work, thanks
hello mam at what post ur can u tell me pls
hello mam at what post ur can u tell me pls

  2. ABOUT ME o BA (Hons.) History e Lady Shri Ram College for Women MA Applied Human Rights o Sheffield Hallam University o Kapila Hingorani Scholar o Hobbies: reading, dancing o Rate, review and recommend! o Follow me e

  3. TOPICS oath of the Governor o Term of office

  4. OATH o To fully execute the office o To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the Lau o To devote herself to the service and well-being of the people of the state

  5. OATH o Administered by the Chief oustice of the concerned o In her absence, the senior-most judge of that court available o Every person discharging the duties of the governor has to take a similar oatk

  6. TERM o 5 years from the date on which she enters office o Subject to pleasure of the President o No security of tenure, no fixed term o Pleasure of the President not justifiable o Governor may be removed at any time by the President o (SC ruling: Surya Narain case) o Resignation letter to the President

  7. TERM o No constitutional grounds on which the Governor may be removed by the President o President can transfer a Governor from one state to another mid-term o Governor's whose terms have expired may be reappointed in the same state or another state

  8. TERM o Governor's can hold office beyond 5 years till their o President can make provisions for discharge of the successors assume charge Governor's functions in any contingency not provided for by the Constilution o Eg death of a sitting governor (chief justice concerned HC to discharge the duties)

  9. Thank you :) FolLow me C