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The Governor: 30.1 (Laxmikant Summary)
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This lesson discusses the appointment of the Governor.

Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

Unacademy user
Mam, with respect, just one question, will u continue this till 2019 interview.
Governor is not an agent of union govt. I think...please correct if I am wrong.
Che Guevara
a year ago
Governor is agent of centre in state.

  2. ABOUT ME o BA (Hons.) History e Lady Shri Ram College for Women MA Applied Human Rights o Sheffield Hallam University o Kapila Hingorani Scholar o Hobbies: reading, dancing o Rate, review and recommend! o Follow me e

  3. TOPICS o Introduction o Appointment of Governor

  4. INTRODUCTION o Part VI of the Constitution Articles 163 to 167 o Government of states: state executive o Governor, the chief minister, the council of minister, advocate general of the state o Not applicable to 3#K

  5. INTRODUCTION o Governor: chief executive head of the state o Dual role: o Nominal executive (Like the President) o Agent of the central government o Usually, one governor for each state o But same person can be the governor for two or more state (7th CA 1956)

  6. APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNOR o Appointed by the President o A nominee of the Central government, but not its employee Independent constitutional office, not subordinate to the Central government o American model: Governor elected directly o Canadian model: Governor appointed by the Centre

  7. APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNOR o Constitutional Assembly chose appointment instead of elections for office of the Governor because: o Direct election incompatible with Parliamentary system o Direct election would create conflicts between the Grovernor and the CM o Governor only a constitutional head, no need to spend so money for her election

  8. APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNOR o Appointment instead of elections because o Election would be based on personal issues, which not in the national interest Elected governor would belong to a political party not be impartial or neutral o Elections would create separatist tendencies, affect political stability and unity of the country

  9. APPOINTMENT OF GOVERNOR o Appointment instead of elections because: o Centre can maintain control over the states through o Direct elections would create a problem of leadership o CM would want her nominee to become Governor. Thus Presidential nominations during general state e lections. the governor would usually end up being a second rate person of the ruling party.

  10. Thank you :) FolLow me C