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Solubility and Colour Imparting Tendency | Applications of Fajan Rule (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, I have discussed fajan's contribution in deciding order for Solubility and Colour intensity.

Tushar Khanna
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sir abhi to exam hona nahi ssc ka . abhi kaise pdhai kre coz abhi to time hai hmare pas
a year ago
if u r preparing for cds, Afcat you can ping me on 8950284370
among Beco3, mgco3,caco3,srco3 whats the solubility trend
plzz add covalent lectures
done sir. Now i have completed this chapter with more confidence than ever..Thank you sir...
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
great. best of luck
  1. LESSON Applications of Fajan Rule

  2. Applications O PP Polarisation Covalent ch MP BP Solubility Color imparting 2

  3. Q.Covalent Character Order Licl > NaCI> KCI> RbCI> CsCl O BeF2> MgF2 > CaF2 O Na2O MgO A1203 O NaCl< CuCl 3

  4. . Melting Point Order NaCI> CuC O KCI> AgCI O SnCI2> SnC14

  5. Which is more soluble - O Fe[OH]2 O Fe[OH]:3

  6. Q Solubility O Ag20>Ag2S BeF2 BeC12 > BeBr2> Bel2 6

  7. Colour imparting O IC less than 20 percent Col 7

  8. Ir 3

  9. AgF soluble colou AgCl white ppt AgBr light yellow ppt Agldark yellow ppt rless

  10. Easier excitation of electron O PbCI2 Pbl2 10