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Solubility and Colour Imparting Tendency | Applications of Fajan Rule (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, I have discussed fajan's contribution in deciding order for Solubility and Colour intensity.

Tushar Khanna
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Ma'am, if you don't mind can you please provide the pdfs of your notes?As it will be very helpful to us. Thanks.
among Beco3, mgco3,caco3,srco3 whats the solubility trend
plzz add covalent lectures
done sir. Now i have completed this chapter with more confidence than ever..Thank you sir...
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
great. best of luck
  1. LESSON Applications of Fajan Rule

  2. Applications O PP Polarisation Covalent ch MP BP Solubility Color imparting 2

  3. Q.Covalent Character Order Licl > NaCI> KCI> RbCI> CsCl O BeF2> MgF2 > CaF2 O Na2O MgO A1203 O NaCl< CuCl 3

  4. . Melting Point Order NaCI> CuC O KCI> AgCI O SnCI2> SnC14

  5. Which is more soluble - O Fe[OH]2 O Fe[OH]:3

  6. Q Solubility O Ag20>Ag2S BeF2 BeC12 > BeBr2> Bel2 6

  7. Colour imparting O IC less than 20 percent Col 7

  8. Ir 3

  9. AgF soluble colou AgCl white ppt AgBr light yellow ppt Agldark yellow ppt rless

  10. Easier excitation of electron O PbCI2 Pbl2 10