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Fajan's Rule (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, I have discussed Fajan Rule in detail and factors affecting terms like Polarisation and Polarising Power.

Tushar Khanna
Chemistry Enthusiast | NEET 2018 Qualified | MBBS student | Gold Medalist - Science Olympiad, English Olympiad | Qualified CET | Rank - 24

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Sir, Trade Deficit = Total Value of Imports – Total Value of Exports As per, investopedia []: BOT can be simplified as the total value of imports minus the total value of exports. Then how does trade deficit refer to negative BOT?
Very nice. Plzz do also make a video on ionic eqilibrium in easiest way with tricks. If possible then plzz make. And thnx for this video
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
Sure. ☺
  1. LESSON - Fajan Rule

  2. Neither any bond is purely covalent nor it is 100 percent ionic. Each bond has mixed characters of both. In ionic compounds, o covalent character is determined by FR 2

  3. Factors affecting Polarisation Power O Size O Charge O EC 8 2

  4. Factors affecting Polarisation O Size O Charge 6

  5. Thank you Ou.. Any Questions? 7