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Hydration Enthalpy - Introduction
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Chemical properties of Ionic Compound has been discussed in this lesson. Introduction of Hydration Enthalpy is also given.

Tushar Khanna
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  1. LESSON Hydration . Enthalpy

  2. Types Of Reactions lonic compounds give ionic reactions which are very fast because they involve only exchange of ions., 2

  3. AgNO NaCl 3 AgCI NaNO

  4. Solubility . O Like Dissolved Like O Polar ionic compds Dielectric constt of solvent high O Water - 81 4

  5. Solvation Ener gy. When an ionic compound is dissolved in water, then it is completely surrounded by the solvent molecules This phenomenon of interacting between solvent and solute ions is called solvation.

  6. The energy released in this process is called solvation energy Term hydration is used in case of water as solvent.

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