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Isomorphism in Ionic Compounds (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss cases of isomorphisms in detail. Several illustrations are supplied to make concept crystal clear.

Tushar Khanna
Chemistry Enthusiast | NEET 2018 Qualified | MBBS student | Gold Medalist - Science Olympiad, English Olympiad | Qualified CET | Rank - 24

Unacademy user
sir P BLOCK chahiye advanced level ka
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
Will surely upload complete P Block with reaction mechanisms of P Block rather than rote learning. Would make that course very soon (in few days )
  1. LESSON Isomorphism

  2. Isomorphism O Compounds having same form or shape or formula type. 2

  3. For Binary Compounds O NaCl MgO NaF Na2O A. Formula type should be same. B. Size of cation and anion should be nearly same 3

  4. NaCI NaCl NaCl NaF KCl MgS 4

  5. C. Electronic configuration of C and A should be same. MgS NaCl

  6. For Oxo Salts ula type should be same NaNO3 NaCIO3 NaNO3 NaCIO4 6

  7. B. C and A should be of same size C. The shape of structural unit should be same BCN P S CI sp2 sp3 7

  8. NaNO3 and NaCIO3 sp2 sp3 8

  9. BaSO4 and_KMnO4 sp3 sp3

  10. FeSO4.7 H2O and ZnS04.7 H20 10

  11. Na2CO3 and Na2SO3 sp2 sp3 12