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Determination of Solubility (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, I have discussed in detail the concept to decide solubility of ionic compound.

Tushar Khanna
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Thank you so much mam..
  1. LESSON Determination . . of Solubilit

  2. MX [aq] [aq]

  3. MX [aq] [aq]

  4. MX aql [aq] M+ X 9

  5. MX aql [aq] M+ X 9

  6. o If lattice enthalpy is less than hydration enthalpy, then compound is soluble in the solvent.

  7. . BeSO4 is soluble but BaSO4 is not BeSO4 HE>LE BaSO4 HE<LE 7

  8. AF is more soluble than ACL.

  9. O Which is more soluble NaClO4 or KCIO4?

  10. O Note Larger the size difference more will be the solubility. 10

  11. C A 12

  12. Thank you Ou.. Any Questions? 144