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Ionic Bond (in Hindi)
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Types of Bonds and Ionic Bond have been covered in detail in this lesson. Concept to make Lewis Dot Structure has been made clear to viewers.

Tushar Khanna
Chemistry Enthusiast | NEET 2018 Qualified | MBBS student | Gold Medalist - Science Olympiad, English Olympiad | Qualified CET | Rank - 24

Unacademy user
sir would you please provide ppt file to download for easy reference
sir please start surface chemistry.I am very much weak in surface chemistry.
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
sure. i will start it in 2 days. thanks for recommending topic. 😁
Madhu Padmini
a year ago
welcome sir
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
  1. LESSON Ionic Bond

  2. TYPES OF BONDS Inter atomic or Primary- O Strong, Formed between atoms [ same or diff] O lonic Covalent Coordinate Metallic BDE = 200-400 kJ per mol 2

  3. TYPES OF BONDS inter Molecules or Secondary- o Weak, Formed between Molecules [ same or diff] o Vanderwaal, Hydrogen O BDE 2 - 40 kJ per mol 3

  4. Electrovalent Bond O Bond formed between cation O By complete transfer of O Between atoms of diff nature and anion electrorn 4

  5. FORMATION OF NaCl O Formation of Cation Na+ O Formation of Anion CI O Bond Formation 5

  6. Na Na++ e-

  7. Na 2,8,1 Na++e- 2,8 Cl + e- 2,8,7 Cl 2,8,8 7

  8. Na+ + Cl NaCl [s] UNSTABLE GAS

  9. Na Cl Na Cl

  10. Is it a bond ? lonic bond is not a bond. It is simply the force of attraction between two oppositely charged ons 10

  11. O Show bond formation and Lewis Dot Structure of following ionic compounds 12