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Significance of Brahmo Samaj (in Hindi)
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In this video I have discussed the significance of Brahmo Samaj.

Lokendra Mishra
MechanicalEngineer, Poet, Blogger Writer,Youtuber,Passionate about teaching . ज़िन्दगी जैसे एक रस्ता है मुझको चलना है चलते जाना है।

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  1. Lokendra Mani Mishra B.Tech (2018) Mechanical Engineering Teaching experience : 3 years subjects;- history,polity, geography, EVS, maths, Resoning, Hindi, English and Mechanical Engineering

  2. Socio-Cultural Reform by Brahmo Samaj by Lokendra Mishra

  3. Significance of Brahmo Samaj . Brahmo samaj attacked on various meaningless rituals and superstitions. It worked for a respectable status of women in society. It discouraged Child marriage.

  4. It supported widow remarriage. It condemned Sati It attacked casteism and untouchability Brahmo samaj got only little success in abolishing these social issues. The impact of Brahmo samaj was limited to CaLCUTTA and Bengal.

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