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Foundation of Brahmo Samaj (in Hindi)
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In this video I have discussed the foundation of Brahmo Samaj

Lokendra Mishra
MechanicalEngineer, Poet, Blogger Writer,Youtuber,Passionate about teaching . ज़िन्दगी जैसे एक रस्ता है मुझको चलना है चलते जाना है।

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  1. Lokendra Mani Mishra B.Tech (2018) Mechanical Engineering Teaching experience : 3 years subjects;- history,polity, geography, EVS, maths, Resoning, Hindi, English and Mechanical Engineering

  2. Socio-Cultural Reform by Brahmo Samaj by Lokendra Mishra

  3. RAJA RAMMOHAN ROY Often called as Father of INDIAN RENAISSANCE. Also called maker of Modern India. . Translated VEDAS and five Upanishads in Bengali Wrote GIFT OF MONOTHEISTS IN 1809. In 1814 he set up the ATMIYASABHA.

  4. Foundation of Brahmo Samaj In August 1828 Raja Rammohan Roy founded BRAHMO SABHA Later it was renamed as BRAHMO SAMAJ . He wanted to institutionalise his ideas and misSions Reading Upanishads, prayer and meditations were performed No worship of idols or pictures.

  5. .Raja Rammohan Roy wanted to abolish idolarity and meaningless rituals. did not wanted to establish a new religion RAJA RADHAKAN DEB organised Dharm Sabha to counter Brahmo Samaj.

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