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Role of Raja Rammohan Roy in Socio- cultural Reforms (in Hindi)
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In this video I have discussed the features of Brahmo samaj and Role of Raja Rammohan Roy's role in social upliftment of women.

Lokendra Mishra
MechanicalEngineer, Poet, Blogger Writer,Youtuber,Passionate about teaching . ज़िन्दगी जैसे एक रस्ता है मुझको चलना है चलते जाना है।

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  1. Lokendra Mani Mishra B.Tech (2018) Mechanical Engineering Teaching experience : 3 years subjects;- history,polity, geography, EVS, maths, Resoning, Hindi, English and Mechanical Engineering

  2. Socio-Cultural Reform by Brahmo Samaj by Lokendra Mishra

  3. Features of Brahmo Samaj It opposed idol worship It discarded faith in divine avataras. It criticised the caste system.

  4. Raja Rammohan Roy's Efforts at Social Reform Raja Rammohan Roy was crusader against the inhuman practice of sati, Started anti- sati struggle in 1818 His efforts to abolish sati pratha was rewarded by govt. Regulationin 1839 which declared the practice of sati a crimde - Roy attacked Polygammy and degraded state of widows

  5. . He supported David Hare's effort to found Hindu college in 1817 . He established Vedanta college. . He condemned oppressive practices of Bengali Zamindars.

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